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Song Creating Process

I write, I let the pen go where it meets the pad. It's not a process you can force. Songwriting is emotional, at least for me it is. You have to be vulnerable. Trusting your instinct that what you are writing is it and being okay with that. Pushing yourself out of the box!!

There are no limits..



Penning new MUSIC!

So I have somewhat all the pieces to my studio together. It's coming together. I'm eager to learn this part of the music making process i n addition to singing and writing!!

Tonight, I'm working new music, new project in the works. :) Its the season to GET IT!!

I get excited about new music.

Happy Creating3


Building my studio

So I went to Guitar Center and Sam Ash the other day. Got my mic stand and im in business now. My next step learning how to record myself! :) Getting in the studio today learning the recording process in depth! I feel like if you don't make your own moves than who will? Have a positive day!! 3

Happy Creating.

Create on!!

-Harmony Jonez

Life and Times of Harmony

The Passion the Drive the Journey

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