Ascendant has been together for the last 3 years in the current line-up. This consists of myself (guitar), Leon (bass), and Jason (vox). We have all been playing in bands, performing live, and recording for years. This includes shows with national bands, live recordings, radio play, and contract opportunities that never materialized. We have professional gear, a place to practice, great transportation, and no rock star egos/attitudes.

Our goal has been to write/record/perform melodic progressive metal that we love to play. With over 2 decades of musical tastes /generes represented in the band, we have been able to create a somewhat unique sound that contains hints of many styles/generes. Being a band with just 3 musicians, we have enjoyed a raw unmuttled sound that we can consistently produce live and in the studio. From the vocal side we capture it all.... from screamo and disodant melodies, to catchy melodies with backup harmonies. Again.... something we are able to pull off live and in the studio. During this past 3 years we have played a number of local shows with the new material. However, we have primarily been focused on writing material and getting a good demo. The songs that you heard on Bandmix was from a 7 song demo that we did last year. It is ok, but we would like to record a better demo that is better produced, recorded, and mixed; a demo that is a best representation of the band that we can use to complete a professional promo package. We would do newer material. We have 3 or 4 new songs that we are writing; some nearly done and some really still in the works. During this time of writing and recording, we definitely all love to play shows as well. While we will be best positioned to play a bunch of shows once our package is complete, we want to play shows to keep fresh on stage, So we definitely arent looking to sit in the basement and just noodle! :-) Long term we would all love to quit our jobs and be able to play this music all over the globe! However, the primary goal is to do what we love; write/record/peform the music we love. If that is just locally in CO we are ok with that on some level. It is better than not doing it. With that said, we are all extremely driven to move this project forward and maximize our exposure/success. With a truly professional demo/promo package we will be positioned to leverage social media to get out to the masses, and will be able to start targeting national shows and bigger festivals etc. So we are content doing what we love, yet are driven to succeed. Balance is important! We do have a Facebook site for the band, a Soundcloud site, and a band twitter I believe. We just haven't really developed these tools completely yet, where things look great and we are regularly using them to promote and further the band. That is something we look forward to doing . http://www.facebook.com/AscendantMetal http://www.soundcloud.com/AscendantMetal If you are interested in the band PLEASE LET US KNOW

LEON, bassist +1-303-901-7692 leongaudin1@gmail.com