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Chanel Antoinette / Blog

Romance (To Whom It May Concern)

You walk over to me and hold out your hand I envision our first night that we spent lying in the sand Your love gives me hope that romance has not yet died I had begun to lose faith but then I met you I close my eyes I offer my hand I step on the stage and all that’s behind me slowly starts to fade away As the vows are spoken I stare intently at my groom All you can see is me and I can only see you In that fraction of time I stare deep through your soul and what I see no longer frightens me ♥ For your love is all I know ♥

Idea Of Love (I Stay Shining):

I’m in love with the idea of love, With the possibility that true love does indeed exist. I have been through heartaches, Breakups and makeups,Devastatingly shakeups. But I have not given up,My hope has not yet died. I’m still determined to meet that special someone Whom I can share my life. There's got to be someone out there Who was made just for me Perhaps when we meet I will feel so complete. We can share our deepest secrets And everything can be mended with just a simple kiss Because our past will no longer determine That true love is something we somehow missed.....

Open Wounds ( To Whom It May Concern )

I had a rough child hood Grew up in a broken home Tried not to think too much Always alone Thoughts kept inside Locked deep in my soul I was scared to tell anyone Not even a soul Felt so disgusted with myself Constantly consumed with my image Thought I was not very pretty or skinny Despite the constant compliments and attention I would cut myself To stop the internal pain I couldn’t tell the difference Between being stable or being insane So many times I wished I’d fall asleep and never wake up I had to get out of this place Had to get out of this dump Took pills to numb it all Took awhile to break that habit Couldn’t find the light In which I inhabit I was in habitually covering my tracks Like a thief in the night But there was always a struggle from within Especially without not knowing when this all would come to an end

Wounded Spirit (I Stay Shining)

There were so many times in my life When I would meet someone new And I felt they were cool at the time So we’d chill and figure out stuff to do People always told me To be cautious you see Because everyone you meet is not truly your friend But I would think they were real with me How many times have I allowed myself To give someone the benefit of the doubt Thinking it wouldn’t be fair to assume They’d desert me when I was down and out Silly me of course, had to learn the hard way Stubborn as I am My sister always told me I was too naive as a kid When I was young It seemed as if I had a million friends It wasn’t until I became older I realized almost all of them were gone in the end If you were doing good and had money to spare If you wanted to get high Especially if you were the one who always supplied They were always there I started to notice when I wanted to become sober They were around even less You’d think because I used drugs at the time My life would’ve been more of a mess I never felt so wounded Mind, body, and soul These were the people I grew up with I was shocked they shut the door and left me out in the cold You’d think after maybe twice of this happening You’d get the picture and you’d learn So many people I had considered my lifelong friends Had turned their backs and forgot about me in return Some people just don’t understand How much damage they can do to ones’ spirit I wonder sometimes if they thought of things different If I seen them today and I told them how I felt, would they even be willing to hear it? I will never know in the end Because these feelings are long gone And to this day certain people I can still remember How strong I felt our bond was Do I cross their mind ever? I’ll never know Did they know I valued their company so much at that time in my life? And it hurt so badly to see them go As of today I still trust more than I should But at least I’m aware of the fact this can happen Instead of being oblivious That this can even occur If you were to ask me today Who would you consider to be your friend? It’s far from a million In fact its way less than ten While I write this only Two names come into play You can’t predict the future though So it’s really hard to say I hope if you’re reading this You can learn from my mistake Of trusting so many people With your heart that you put a great risk at stake In closure I just want to say Despite some may have wounded my spirit It taught me a lesson To give less of your heart with no reason Trust must be gained and not given That way you don’t end up in my position Trust no one but God For he’s the only one who is made of perfection

Shine (To Whom It May Concern):

This is the opening poem from my first book: Shine, but this is a different version than what was put into the book. This one is written in third person and some of the words are not included in the alternate version.

Like the stars in the sky She wants to shine So bright and clear Shine crystal clear

She wants the world to know her pain To know where it came To know she’s not to blame And, no, she’s not the same

Through the darkness She wants to shine Like a rare to find diamond That glitters in the light So bright you’ll lose all sight

Show the world she’s like a bright star So close but yet so far A mind like a worthless dime If only she could shine....