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Live session on BBC Radio 2 - September 14th

Very excited (and quite nervous!) about the fact that Lukas and I are thrilled to have been invited onto the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show for a live session on September 14th at 7pm, the day of the official release of Findings.

We hope you'll be able to twiddle your radio dial to 88.1 - 90.2 FM or listen in on iPlayer.

Not yet sure quite how we're going to organise the session, but we're pretty sure it's going to make full use of loop pedals and as many band members as we can scrape together!

Ange & Lukas x

p.s. if you've not pre-ordered the new album yet please do - you'll get your copy before our session on the folk show! http://www.angehardy.com/shop/details/findings

Another one of those moments where I have to pinch myself

When writing songs for Findings I found myself thinking of some of the mothers in the folk world that I look up to as role models, people like Kathryn Roberts and Nancy Kerr - women who not only sing, write and perform amazing music but who do so in partnership with their husbands and all while juggling the demands of parenting young children.

Being a good mum and good wife is a difficult thing to balance with such a demanding, exposed and emotionally charged calling. Actually, they can be difficult things to get right even without the complicated blend of joy and stress that being a musician adds to my life!

There have been days where it's by seeing other people surviving these challenges that I've been able to keep going. There were two albums that drew me into the world of folk music: the eponymous "Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts" CD and the EFDSS "Cecil Sharp Project" album.

... and so it was that early this year I found myself sitting at the harp and writing a song called "True are the Mothers", a song about folk tradition and motherhood and parenting and strong roots... I wrote it as a song that needed three distinct sets of female lead vocals... and on the 13th of January I wrote and sent two emails and held my breath...

This week I announced the track listing for Finding, it includes this line:

"Track 7: True Are The Mothers (featuring Nancy Kerr and Kathryn Roberts)".

... I still can't quite believe it!!

You can pre-order the new album here: http://www.angehardy.com/shop/details/findings

Ange x

Pre-orders now being taken, album special guests, LIVE session on BBC Radio 2 an

Hello friends, fans and folky family!

Okay... so... wow! This is a rather epic email, it was going to be 4 emails but I thought meh - why not stick it all in one super awesome email? So I did, and here's the overview:

1. You can pre-order our new album 'Findings' today from my website (with loads of exclusive extra options!)...

2. And (omg omg omg!) Kathryn Roberts and Nancy Kerr have joined the already amazing list of artists that have added their talents to Findings...

3. Also we're releasing Findings on September 14th during a LIVE session on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show...

4. Oh - and you can catch us touring Findings in October at 14 venues including The Sage Gateshead...

So, just a few bits of news then :p Read on for full details...

Ange x 1. Findings is now available to pre-order! Now! Today! Go and order it please :) Yup. That’s right. Pre-orders start TODAY! Head over here to see what a ridiculous range of goodies we’re offering. From house gigs, to limited edition gold and silver plated necklaces, having a song written for you, engraved USB sticks with my back catalogue, hand written lyrics, house concerts, workshops... so many goodies to go with your CD, and all of them supporting independent music :) We've already fully recorded the album. We're just down to the last few days of mixing and editing (although schedules and family life mean those last few days are scattered between now and the end of July!). Pre-order now! http://www.angehardy.com/shop/details/findings 2. We’ve finished recording 'Findings' and we can announce the special guests…

It’s with nothing less than unbridled delight that I can announce that both Nancy Kerr and Kathryn Robert have joined me for one of my songs on the new album! Those of you who have followed my career for a while will know that I’ve often said that I wanted to be Kathryn Roberts when I grow up. Kathryn and Sean are two absolutely astounding musicians (if you didn’t know they won the title of BBC Radio 2 ‘Best Duo’ this year), and in recent years Nancy Kerr (last year’s BBC Radio 2 ‘Folk Singer of the Year’) along with James Fagan has also been a huge role model; both families showing that you can be a mum and a folk musician at the same time.

On top of that the album also features the absolutely wonderful Ciaran Algar on fiddle, the insanely talented Evan Carson on percussion, and we see the welcome return of Archie Churchill-Moss on diatonic accordion. To top it all off Steve Pledger joins us for backing vocals for one of the tracks that we co-wrote during our EFDSS residential earlier in the year. 3. Oh, and we’re launching it LIVE on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show

Yup. So, September the 14th is the day that we’re launching the album… and, well… it seems silly not to make a bit of a song and dance about it so Mark Radcliffe has very kindly invited us onto the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show for a live session to sing some songs from the album and share a few words about it.

I'm excited and terrified in equal measure! 4. And, once you’ve pr-ordered why not take a look at the album launch tour dates Here's the Findings album release tour itself: 29th September Evesham Arts Centre - Duo WR11 4QH 30th September Old Post Centre - DUO DE11 0HX 1st October Sage Gateshead - Album Launch - DUO NE8 2JR 2nd October Derby Folk Festival - Duo DE1 3AH 7th October Packington Village Hall - DUO LE65 1WJ 8th October Arlington Arts Centre - DUO RG14 3BQ 9th October Artrix Bromsgrove - DUO B60 1PQ 15th October Homegrown Festival DUO IP29 5AX 16th October Stroud Subscription Rooms - Duo GL5 1AE 17th October Green Note - Duo NW1 7AN 21st October Downend Folk Club - Duo (+ Archie Churchill Moss) BS16 1NU 22nd October Barry West End Club - Duo CF62 6QY 23rd October The Regal Theatre, Min

Merry Christmas!

Hello friends, fans and folky family!


You may have already received a copy of my new Christmas single through the post; however if you didn't then here's a free download link for you:


If you want to listen online I've just created a Bandcamp page which should let you do just that:


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a new year full of blessings :)

Ange x Looking back at 2015

I've just sat down with Rob to reflect on the year... it's been ridiculous how much has happened in the past 12 months, so I thought it might nice just to recap on the year because very few of these things would have happened without the support of friends, fans and family like yourselves:

I won the FATEA Album of the Year Was nominated at, and attended, the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Learned to play the harp Played Cambridge Folk Festival; in both the club tent and on stage 2 Got paid to play in Sark and treated like absolute royalty Smallish human basically turned into a teenager (and she's still talking to us!) Was awarded more than £10k in National Lottery funding through Arts Council England Received an EFDSS (English Folk Dance and Song Society) Bursary Undertook an academic study of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Sat on the patio in Parliament with Nancy Kerr and James Fagan drinking Gin and Tonic Wrote, recorded and released a new album that features two of my heroes; Patsy Reid and Steve Knightley Got a booking agent Husband face (Rob) dropped down to part time hours so I could actially call myself a professional musician Had two national UK tours Brought our first tour van! Smallest human started school and loves it! Took both children to several music festivals The children (and my parents) survived all the tours Got three (!) songs into the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest Attended an EFDSS Songwriting Residential (on my own!) Brought several new whistles and two new guitars and didn't feel guilty about it Watched Joan Baez perform from backstage (and cried) I'm on the new Show of Hands album ... I'm also on the new Kim Lowings album! ... and the new Steve Pledger album! I totally met Boff from Chumbawamba! Met Mike Harding ... and Kathryn Roberts... and Sean Lakeman... ... and Sam Lakeman... and Cara Dillon... ... and all three of the Young'uns ... actually... I've basically met a lot of lovely, beautiful and wonderful people this year! Had coffee at Bob Harris's house Got a new kitten! Was made Patron of the Blazing Stump Folk Club Survived 14 consecutive gigs in October Formed a new duo with Lukas Drinkwater Started writing another album Wrote and released a Christmas single ... I'm sure I've missed things. But, yeah. What a crazy year it's been!!

Please do stay in touch :)

Ange x

Now performing as a duo: Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater

It’s been less than 2 months since the official release of Ange Hardy’s latest album ‘Esteesee’ but folk audiences and reviewers have already been asking the difficult question: where does Ange Hardy go from here?

Since she burst onto the folk scene in 2013 with her stripped back album ‘Bare Foot Folk’ Ange Hardy has continued to release a 14-track album every year. The 2014 release of ‘The Lament of The Black Sheep’ led to Ange being nominated at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards which provided the platform for writing and releasing ‘Esteesee‘ in 2014.

The ‘Along the Coleridge Way’ tour which accompanied the release of Esteesee saw Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater performing live as duo for the first time, and the unanimous feedback night after night was that the two are exceptional musicians but that together they form a jaw dropping duo greater than the sum of its parts.

For those unfamiliar with the musical genius of Lukas, he has been labelled as one of the hardest working session musicians on the folk circuit. The last few years have seen him performing in a duo with regular BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated Jim Causley, as one half of a duo with Tobias ben Jacob, with European festival favourites Tankus the Henge and 3 Daft Monkeys, playing Jazz percussion for Lisa Marini, performing with The Little Unsaid and recording countless sessions with esteemed funk & soul producer Lack of Afro. Twice last year he performed live on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show and on top of that he’s found time to play as a session musician for Lucy Ward, Sam Kelly, Hollie Rogers and many more - not to mention performing on Ange Hardy’s last two albums and at their respective album launches.

And so:

We’re delighted to officially announce that “Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater” have formed a duo and are touring together in 2015/16. A new duo album is being written and will be released as part of a high-profile national tour in October 2016.

The duo line-up consists of Ange Hardy on vocals, harp, guitar, low whistle, shruti, drum and continuing to use her loop pedals, Lukas will be on double bass, guitar and vocals.

For booking enquiries please contact Ant Miles at Fancourt Music (ant.miles@fancourtmusic.co.uk, for all other enquiries email Ange (ange@angehardy.com).

- Story Records Limited

Out NOW : Esteesee

"a definite five-star rating, no question" - Tim Carroll, FolkWords

"she has created a masterpiece" - Reviewer: PTMQ (Phil The Music Quill)

"perfectly played and produced by one of the finest folk voices... a remarkable record" - Boff Whalley, R2 Magazine

"one of the great traditional folk albums of the 21st century." - Andy Barnes, Sonic Bandwagon

Ange Hardy's last work was without doubt outstanding, this release is a masterpiece. Not many people have the gift that she has, a lot of people work hard to attain it, I know she works very hard but her genius shines through and lifts her above the rest, like Rembrandt, Mozart, Burns and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This is not a throw away statement, I truly believe that within the next few years her name will be amongst the greats. - Stevie Connor , CEO Blues & Roots Radio

"this is without question one of the folk albums of the year." - Reviewer: Mike Davies, Roots and Branches

"One of the most original and notable albums of 2015" - Danny Farragher, FolkAll

"Esteesee will doubtless also prove every bit as addictive as the opium and laudanum on which Coleridge himself dosed." - David Kidman, Folk Radio UK

"Her recruitment of some of the best musicians in the land and her effective use of their talents to enhance her own highly orginal material is pure genius... A very clever album indeed, which hints strongly that Ange Hardy is going to become a sought-after producer in years ahead" - Mike Weaver, Armandaleg

"Simply put 'Esteesee' is a highly original, beautifully produced and seminal UK folk album, which will be treasured for years to come." - Laurel Canyon Music

"The musicianship, singing and performance on this album, hits the marks time and time again" - Neil King, FATEA

"One of the very best albums I have heard this year" - Doug Welch, BBC Kent Folk

"you’d be pushed to hear a finer folk song this year." - Mike Ainscoe, Bright Young Folk

"A lesson in literature, history and music in an exquisite package from Ange Hardy. The music is as beautiful as the packaging. A must-have for collectors of folk music." - Trevox, Folk At Five

"It’s rare that I’ll play a CD twice through without a break even for the purposes of a review. Esteesee is an exception." - Dai Jeffries, Folking

"One of those rare albums where every track is a winner - and beautiful packing to boot!" - Peter Aston, Forest Folk

"a tribute to the craft that is modern traditional folk" - West Country Folk

"I would say there's a great chance we could be listening to the album of the year, next year. It is that good." - Gary Hazlehurst

September Gigs:

12th: Ange Hardy & Luke Jackson - Thurnby, Leicestershire 13th: Stogumber Festival - Special Guest with Luke Jackson 16th: Stratford-upon-Avon Folk Club 17th: The Tree House Bookshop - Kenilworth 20th: TwickFolk - Twickenham 25th: Rugby Rhythms - Warwickshire Read more... http://www.angehardy.com/gigs

'Along The Coleridge Way' - TICKETS

The Ange Hardy 'Esteeesee' Album Tour & Launch 3rd: Nether Stowey 4th: Halsway Manor - ALBUM LAUNCH! 6th: Holford & District 7th: Bicknoller 8th: East Quantoxhead 9th: Sampford Brett 10th: Stogumber 11th: Wheddon Cross 12th: Roadwater 14th: Luxborough 15th: Luccombe 16th: Porlock 17th: Brendon & Countisbury 18th: Lynmouth Pavilion Project An evening of music inspired by the life and work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Ange Hardy in Coleridge Cottage promoting her Along the Coleridge Way tour In October 2015, at 14 intimate concert venues along the route of The Coleridge Way, award winning folk musicians Ange Hardy and Lukas DW present an exquisite evening of original music inspired by the life and work of the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Featuring songs inspired by Coleridge’s relationships with friends, family and acquaintances, verses of his poetry set to music, new songs inspired by his characters and stories, and even tales based on fragments of his dinner table conversations. The tour starts on October 3rd just across the road from Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey, and ends on October 18th in the Lynmouth Pavilion. All venues have a licensed bar. Afternoon workshops start between 4pm and 4:30pm and will last about 90 minutes. The evening concerts start at 7:30pm, consisting of two 45 minute halves. http://www.alongthecoleridgeway.co.uk Please Share

EFDSS 2015/16 Creative Artist Residencies - Songs from today

I'm absolutely delighted to have been offered a Creative Artist Residency by EFDSS (The English Folk Dance and Song Society). Over a period of five-days with Lukas Drinkwater and Steve Pledger we'll be researching and developing new song ideas and material based on stories from newspapers of the day.

The last couple of years have seen EFDSS Creative Artist Residencies going to artists including Sam Sweeney, Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, Emily Portman, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker... so I'm delighted to be in such fine company.

Neil Pearson from EFDSS said:

“The four chosen applicants all wish to develop creative ideas that are deeply rooted in the folk arts yet have a fresh take on the subject matter. The Creative Artist Residencies are very much a starting point for future projects and we look forward to supporting and working with the artists as their ideas evolve.

It is an exciting opportunity for them to be able to spend time developing new work on one theme and creating their own piece of folk history.”

To read more have a look at the EFDSS website:


Free copy of my acapella "She Moved Through the Fair"

If you'd like a free copy of my acapella "She Moved Through the Fair" all you have to do is join my mailing list :) http://www.angehardy.com/join-the-mailing-list … x