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L.A. Music Factory Aug 9th | Blob Snarly aug 1st

Thanks to the LA Music Factory for letting me host my CD Release party/jam 8-9-2014 . the following link is how my stuff looks online - very nice..... http://www.louisianamusicfactory.com/louisiana-music/new-release/ Now today wer # 2 and thats great to be top twenty once again on the reverbnsation .... As I drink my first cup of coffee I am concerned for the bass player of Blob Snarly who was attacked with a machete at a Ralleys - I'm telling ya 99 cents burger will kill ya ! :-) it was 25 yrs ago that I was in MI hang in n Hollywood looking for some action with my NJ series BC Rich guitar that I bought from Richies Music center in Rockaway NJ. I Still have my Cry baby Wha Wha pedal from that time frame. now that Luvis is about to throw down the new songs on stage in 17 daze I wonder how long it will be before we release the new Blob Snarly Cd Release party ??? the songs are there - the production cost are not yet - its all goodies right down to the pack mule officer ! St Ann St Blues to Every day I $MOKE the HERB this is gonna be 1 hell of a cool set, plus I have to play fast if I want to bust out any old songs from the Evil Luvis yrs like " Pitbulls on the Loose or MYRAGE'S song " Count " or maybe G Love's version of " Sweet lil Friend " How bout " Nastashia From Russia " from the 2002 sessions - either or very excited to play both shows. with big shows commin up soon in Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas and Austin this summer is gonna fly by. Theres talk about doing Hemp Fest & Reggae Fest. We are setting up shows in Kingston and trying to get our visa's to stay in Cuba. the Carribean islands this timeof yr is lovely. Key West shows and maybe a rare appearance at Hoovers in NJ before I see my lawyers in NYC. Loving a music man ant always warts its supposed to bean ! Music Means Freedom !

Fear and Hated Fest Today !

Fear and Hated fest is today and Blob Snarly is getting the amps and mic's in check. Tonight is the first show of the year for BS. the entire show is gonna be huge . hope everyone can make it and support local music. I get to share the stage with some of my favorite bands. tons of videos and audio will be compiled so make some fucking noise. I have some Sailor Jerry Makers Mark Jack Absolute and Fireball for the band and our fans so bring yer sippy cup. I have to get my mojo hand working so if ya need any updates hit me or dave up ! fuck yeah Mark - 504-215-4463 scared and feared fest @ https://www.facebook.com/events/439287126206039/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


New Blob Snarly Video admission free for 11-12-2013

the New Blob Snarly video is FUCKING AWESOME. The show was awesome. the song was awesome. We were sitting around the the fire pit at luckys house listening to this cassette tape master piece and we all just stopped in our tracks. Now i used to record everything on these handheld recorders back in the early MYRAGE days. Tons of great songs were saved in minutes. the same thing can be done with the iphones i heard .but its to compressed a sound and the nsa cant track my cassette tapes. what if juthrull tull got together with sly and the family stone ? So i was once in vancouver bc were i had to help a friend out with a small donation to the hemp nation. to get the music from back to the states we used the best meathod i know - the cassette tape - worked wonders. I should have received the medal of fucking honer from all those who made there houses and cars brand new. I live for the moment sometimes. just like the Afro African Eagle band I created with DJ Molly back in 95 when we did our first hip hop show in Brooklyn NYC with 6 Eyed Goat & DJ BJ its all about gettingthe music out. The new snarly video is another time honered handmade masterpiece of time and money. hard work blood sweat and tears for fears . the flow of the video is so easy brezzy cover girl. its good to have goal and meet those goals. we all cant be number #1 . sometimes being 300+ with videos is a good thing. the whole thing is awesome from start to finish. the Magix program once again amazed me with its power. Swamp muck records and tapes gets busy today as we await our new super laptop computer and we send off our itunes tunecore song " santa doesnt come to my hood " for this holidaze season ! its so nice to be around all this great talent down here in the big easy. watch the new video and wake up and fight the new world order fucks who want to take your rights away and still all your family,money,property and traditions ! now lets to the MUSCAT RAMBLE ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruQpwAnnX3Y

New video by Blob Snarly ! Watch today @ 4:20pm

the worlds Mc'greatest video Blob Snarly Ghost Jam will soon be avail on our youtube page. this is our newest song from the " dont be a slob " cd/dvd tour of 73. I was able to make some special time from old MC'swampmuck records and tapes to make you this world wide video from the mind of MC'luvispro. photo's taken from the tour to end all tours summer of 1984 thru 2013. when you hear this song please leave us a comment about how it makes you feel. the song will be avail before MC'Christmas 12-25-2013 , free samples avail on reverbMC'nation for Black Friday. on the Blob Snarly holiday album " the blobs who stole Christmas " soon to be avail on itunes. enjoy and remember that " Dont quit ur day job just to hang out with us at the Abbey and be Slob " you sick bastards ! must i clean up all our accidentials with my reggae hands get you time signatures together with mother natures and stop all this g clef on bass clef violence. music means freedom so shove that up your blob mc'snarly freaking f-hole you bag pipe caring slum of a witch !

Jammin tonight - Practice only BLOB SNARLY

Old Blob Snarly is going back to the ave to the green room aka Club Brenna's tonight to rehash some old and new songs for the upcoming shows here in New Olreans. Its cold at night but still o.k. during the day to ride and bike and sit b the river side .Ghost birthday party was great. didnt know cromags were down the street. we played a piece of age of quarrel for our fans who were just trying to get through to you` to tell you all the dangers and things that i've done. As we move into the next month of fun I have to say THANKX TO EVERYBODY WHO HAS BEEN SUPPORTIVE OF THE BAND AND US AS HUMANS ! WE LOVE YOU GUYS AND CANT WAIT TO JAM FOR YA'LL ! AAAAAAAND remember that music means freedom not lik ein russia where telling the president to off himself is a sentence to siberia ! long live the PUSSY RIOT ! http://www.france24.com/en/20131108-pussy-riot-punk-still-en-route-penal-colony PEACE OUT !

WWOZ 90.7 RADIO FUND DRIVE via Blob Snarly

It the WWOZ 90.7 RADIO FUND DRIVE via Blob Snarly online over here in at the swampmuck records and tapes. Now blob snarly hasn't been to the wwoz studio to perform or to drop off anything but that doesnt matter. What matters is keep up with the jones. Blob Snarly is # 1 which means its only a matter of time before were being blasted all over this sleezy easy town . The crew at wwoz love music and support all us locals. Without humans who love music what the hell would this place be like. It would suck balls upside down ! so when Blob Snarly say support wwoz and radios station at play local homemade music you have to support them back ! now call the station @ or pledge online at wwoz.org Now I haven't seen the members of the BS since the tour of 78 and since than we are have been writing and recording new music for the upcoming album " Dont be a Slob ". As well the Luvis gang are #12 on reverbnation. top 10 and top 20 ! sounds so nice. If you see me smile'n today its because of it!. Its a numbers game. like 007 ! or 420 ! now tip your bartenders and tip your local artists ! local artists are here to stop the NEW WORLD ORDER fom creating more crappy made music. You see how the corpoorate business and the banking institutions are fukking all of us daily while your president gives you a free phone and listens /watchs you and your loved ones ! there not spying on you outa love - where are all the true blue rockers who think this shit is BS ! Thats right its all BS. Blob Snarly feel your pain. now riase up and start a band like pussy riot and say something about keeping and kicking out the global industies that profit on our lands and people and than go to dubai and build castles in the sand ????? I had enough ! support local music ! support wwoz 90.7 radio ! support Blob Snarly ! Thats for making us number 1 and lets drinks some fireball at the next BLOB SNARLY SHOW here in the great city or NEW ORLEANS U.S.A

Its lonely at the TOP ! BLOB SNARLY #2

Its so lonely at the top ! I see a long dark tunnel and the debt cieling has been raised - yeah lets party ! party with BLOB FUCKING SNARLY. Today we add some practice to our already large volume of work. BLOB Snarly want to thank everybody who came out to our 3 shows. I speak for the band when I write that this isnt even the beginning - WE HAVENT BEGUN TO FIGHT ! SO DONT CROSS THAT LINE ! Still @ # 2 on reverbnation ! hahahaha KETCH UP MussTurd ! Bahahahaha!

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