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Wednesday April 30th, 10pm Please check out this week's episode of 'Legit' on FXX. Colonels of Truth are completely blown away to have a second song featured this season on what is the most twisted comedy on TV.

-The Colonels


Songs Of Love, Blood & Redemption now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/songs-love-blood-redemption/id859749959

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Pert' Near Sandstone

Colonels of Truth will be opening for Minnesota's very own @pertnearmusic when they swing thru San Francisco next month #newgrass #hotelutah #Americana

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'Songs of Love, Blood & Redemption' is now available on Google Play


Legit Fans

Colonels of Truth were honored to have a song featured on last night's episode of Legit. If you have made your way here via the FXX site please stop by our Facebook page, hit the ol' "Like" button, and drop us a line. https://www.facebook.com/ColonelsOfTruth

Thank you, The Colonels

Now @ Amazon

'Songs Of Love, Blood & Redemption' is now available at Amazon.com

Please give a listen, and purchase a song or eight if you choose.

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The Ballad

Tonight on FX Network's 'Legit'. FXX, Wednesday April 16th. Check local listings for time.