Scott Peoples and the Crash / Blog


A great LAUNCH festival and conference this past weekend. I Actually was fortunate enough...some might use a different word, to have 30 seconds of my song "This Moment" reviewed by the panel. Carson Slovak of ATRIUM AUDIO ...well I think he wanted me at a fair and wanted to kill himself after 30 seconds of my song... Simon Cowell sounded like a cooing dove compared to Carson but it was entertaining none the less. Carson didn't have anything nice to say about anyone the first half of the panel although his Prozac may have kicked in for the 2nd half panel review. He seemed docile and of course that was his plan for part two. I was happy he didn't liken my song to what it would be if when he took a huge dump it could animate itself and crawl out of the bowl and start playing and singing music. That review was given to a young band. Tony Van Veen of Disc Makers and CD Baby actually liked my song and commented "Good, pleasant voice and solid song writing. A very good recording quality and I would continue listening". I can't complain about any of it. The conference was a great experience and I met many great people such as Jeremy Weiss the director for LAUNCH, Lou Plaia of ReverbNation and artists such as Jerod Costa (If you haven't seen him yet please make a point too), Miyu from Tokeo Japan...she is a Rock n Roll Witch. Just check it out for yourself. I also met Ashley Leone who is a great performer with an amazing band, and Gordon from Hickory Town Ruckus who is a very interesting songwriter and performer. My two venue The Lancaster Dispensing Company and Aussie and the Fox are great places to play and really amazing overall. I recommend visiting both. I will be going back to both whether they hire me back or not. Of course they will book me! Why wouldn't they? I am pretty darn good! Right?

Sincerely, Scott Peoples