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Scraps gets to "OK" from the doctor!

GREAT NEWS!!! Some of you may not know but our drummer Josh "Scraps" Fulcher has been out since the end of February due to surgery on his collar bone- We just got the "OK" from his doctor for him START tappin' on the drums again finally!! We are finalizing the details for a big rerun show and will announce it soon! ALSO we are nearing the end of recording for our new single "Shut Your Mouth"! ... Good things come to those who wait... And y'all wont be disappointed! Thank you for all of your continued support! We miss playing for y'all and will be back ASAP!!!!

new year!! new show!!

Still working on some new material which we will be playing some of it this weekend at Sweetwater in Duluth, GA for the first time. The newly recorded songs are in the works to be mastered. The cd soon to follow!!


Three freshly recorded tracks from Open Sky Studios are up on our page now! Fully mastered versions coming soon. Also, we are playing at Sweetwater Bar and Grill this Friday 12/3. Hope to see you there!!


Defying Silence is finishing up in the studio and the first track, "You Don't Understand" is ready for your listening enjoyment. Two more songs will be released in the coming weeks!!!


Defying Silence has been working hard at Open Sky Studios for the past month with producer/engineer Bruce Butkovich to release our debut EP! Also shows at Luby's and Sweetwater in the next month. Look for the release of a couple singles in early December and the release of the full EP in early 2011!

getting ready to ROCK!!

We are working hard getting our 3 sets ready for our 3 Kick Ass shows coming up!!! Our new drummer is working out great!! We have some new songs which we will perform @ our upcoming shows!! We are still working on new material & recording more demos so stay tuned. We will have a demo to give out to everyone at our show with Uncrowned @ Luby's in Lawrenceville, GA!!!

working hard!!

Practicing our set for our Wild Bills show Tomorrow Nite!!!Hope to see you all there. It's FREE so come out & have a great time!!!

Also we will finally have the new song "Fade" up this week !!! it will be our 1st studio recorded song!!! So check it out!!! We also want our fans to vote for what song you want us to record next!!!! We are working on new songs & will be playing some @ our coming up shows so come check it out!!! See ya there!!!


Defying Silence

Working on studio version of "Fade"

Just wanted to give you an update. We are still fine tuning this song in the studio. We don't want to rush it & it sound bad. It should be up by next week. This will be our first studio recorded song. The recording for the next song will begin in a couple of weeks. We are going to let you the fans vote which one is next. We are very busy playing shows & practicing for them & we don't want to just stop playing shows & record. That's why we are only doing one song @ a time. Eventually we will hit the studio full steam & knock out several more all @ once.



Defying Silence

New Bass Player

e are an original Rock band, "Defying Silence" but we do cover anything from 90's, new, & Classic Rock. We are looking for an energetic live bass player who can pick up fast, good with improv., is very creative, & can possibly do back up vocals. We will be trying out for the month of December & January. We have shows booked for end of Febuary & throughout the year. So we need someone who is willing to practice 10-12hrs a week & possibly play shows every weekend Thursday, Friday or Saturday. We do work full time too, so we do take that into consideration. The band works as a democracy getting everyone's opinion & give each other a least 2 weeks notice before booking shows in case something else is planned. We need someone who is committed and would like to eventually do this for a living. If you think you have what it takes hit us up @ defyingsilenceband@yahoo.com

Here are some of the bands we cover Nirvana, Godsmack, Seether, Alice in Chains, Shinedown, Collective Soul, Rage Against The Machine, Disturbed, Incubus just to name a few.

New Addition!!!!!! (Another Guitarist )

We would like to welcome Spencer Healy the kick ass guitarists from High Charity to the band for 2009 for another kick ass year. Jake & Spencer will being sharing the duties as rhythm & lead guitarists. We are writing new stuff, & working on new covers that will rock your face off!!! With two guitars it opens up endless opportunities to the style music we can do. Right now we are getting shows lined up & still trying to find the right bass player so we can put on an awesome rock show for you all. We hope all is good with you all & the new year is treating you good. RoCk On!!!!