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Hi Folks,

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Don't Be Mad © 2008 Gina Cimmelli

"Don't Be Mad" now on-sale through iTunes and the independent distribution company "CD BABY" see link below to purchase the CD or MP3 version of the album. Digital distribution will be up shortly!


CD price: $4.95 MP3 price per song: $0.99


CD price: $5.99 MP3 price: $5.00 CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

"This CD cooks up familiar throw back melodies from the 1920's to the 1960's covered in sincere lyrics and served with a variety of instrumentation."

-------- Thanks for all the Support!



On The Radio- 107.1 The Peak

Hey Folks!

Thanks to the wonderful Chris Bro, and the lovely Laura O'Hara for contacting him, I will be airing this week on 107.1 The Peak :) On this amazing classic rock station I will be featured on NEXT playlist hosted by Chris Bro- below are a very details about the show and a link to their website where you can also hear me online once the show has aired!

The show airs Wed. night at 11pm and then again on Sunday night at 8pm.

"Simply put NEXT is about new music that should be on your radar. If you are familiar with The Peak's "New Releases Wednesday" think of NEXT as its logical extension.

Your host Chris Bro takes you on a musical journey to help you discover your NEXT new favorite song. You can listen to NEXT every Wednesday night at 11 and repeated on Sunday night at 8.

'Next' has a website – visit it at www.nextmusiconline.com."

Thanks for all the support :)

Cheers, Gina