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Indiegogo Fundraiser Part II

Officially 7 days left in the Raunch and Roll the Soundtrack Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign. A BIG shout of thanks to all of those who have contributed. We still need some help to reach our goal...I, like everyone, realize the economy is tight right now...but even if you can throw $5.00 our way...we'd be very grateful...and that much closer to our goal. Please take a look and ask yourself if there's anything you can contribute and pass it along to your friends...that's a big help as well. Thanks in advance Peace, Love and Raunch and Roll! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/raunch-and-roll-the-soundtrack/x/4718521

Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign Launch

The fundraising campaign officially launched today. Follow the link to find out how to become part of this exciting project!