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News from the Britt Fest Blo - thank you!!

AnnieMac at Britt

Posted Jul 11, 2008 at 12:02 PM I am so glad that our director of programming booked AnnieMac to open last night’s show with Three Dog Night. The AnnieMac band is a band to experience! They are a local band, based out of Ashland, who draws on old-school R&B riffs, deep soul, and emotion-inspired lyrics for hard-edged originals and highly danceable covers.

I really enjoyed the song, "Look at Me, Don't Look at Me." As a woman, I really related to the lyrics of this song. I think good music is the kind that touches the soul, and the AnnieMac band sure touched my soul last night.

AnnieMac & Three Dog Night

We are pleased and excited to announce that we will be opening for Three Dog Night at this Summers Britt Festival on July 10th, in Jacksonville Oregon.

We have loved covering one of the songs they made famous, Mama Told Me (Not To Come), you probably know them from hearing "Joy to the World," "Shambala," "One" and "Black and White."

More info from the Britt web site – “In the years 1969 through 1974, no other group achieved more Top 10 hits, moved more records or sold more concert tickets than legendary music icons Three Dog Night. Their hits wind through the fabric of pop culture today, whether on the radio where they are heard day in and day out, or in TV commercials and in major motion pictures”

We thank Mike Sturgill, Director of Programming and Production, of the Britt Festival for booking us.

Get your tickets soon, the reserved seating is already gone, but tickets for the lawn area are still available! See link below- https://tickets.brittfest.org/Online/seatSelect.asp?WSadmissions::admission::performance_id=8A984848-8335-4DCB-8587-4E40DFFCE1EA

Lots of love,

Annie & AnnieMac

Herded any bunnies lately?

Is this a musicians average morning?

So, there I was, and you know it was way too early to be up. Lately my brain just turns on as soon as I'm awakened. I start thinking about all that I have to do, and that's it. I 'm up, even if I got to bed at 3am... Yuck, well I digress.

So, I was groggily checking my email and a flash in my peripheral vision brought my attention to the front window where I saw the tail of a rabbit hop just out of my view. The next thing I knew I was outside in the drizzly morning, barefoot in my PJs and my husband's big green jacket, herding a bunny back down the street to its house.

The brown and white rabbit belongs to a neighbor with a pre-school. It's proved to be an escape artist, that was the first of three bunny-herding episodes I had that morning. It made it difficult to gather and prepare myself for my weekly music marketing meeting. The bunny owning neighbors were gone and I just didn't want a dog to get a hold of it. By the way Bunnies don't herd well. Anticipating its moves, directing its direction... straight lines and rabbits don't go together in my limited experience.

There is probably a correlation between herding rabbits and trying to make a go of it in the music business. But, that's another story for another morning.

Exert your influence!

Dear friends,

Your voice can be heard and we are listening. Each of you is instrumental in helping us plan our upcoming tour.

Here’s the deal: if you ask, you will receive. Go to Eventful.com and “demand” that we come to your town. By clicking the link below and demanding us, you help route our upcoming tour (doing so is fast and easy). And don’t forget to spread the word by passing this on to a friend!


Thanks to all of you who have already demanded us. You rock!

All our best,

Annie and AnnieMac

Photo shoot and web links

Hey everyone,

So here's the latest news. We are back in rehearsals with our new band members, J. Jorgensen on bass and Michael Saint John on drums. These two are a wonderful addition to our band. Their bios will be up soon to read.

We did an awesome photo shoot for our press kit with photographers Debra Thornton - www.debrathornton.net, Fred Stockwell - www.stockwellphotos.com, and William Machado on video. We came out with about a thousand pictures, I have been sorting through them for days! I will post some up, when we get down to the final selection.

We also wanted you to have our links to our expanding presence on the web. Here is a list of some of our new sites.

www.indie911.com/anniemac www.squidoo.com/AnnieMacMusic www.reverbnation.com/anniemac www.myspace.com/anniemacmusic

Please sign up for our new email list, and if you want us in your town – Demand us on Eventful – see large orange/yellow button on our main MySpace page.

Thanks and hope to see you soon. We will be booking up a storm in the near future.

All the best,

Annie & AnnieMac