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New Fan Shout Out

Trinaissance ® Honored to Thank those REVERBNATION Fans ~ Samuel Terrence Riley ~ Sketch the Rest ~ CAKALAKI ~ Jae Doublevue ~ Father Jupiter ~ Vices and Adulation ~ DJ Kapy ~ Vadim Mikhailov ~ Annabelle Black ~ 20th Century ~ Noise Makers ~ John-Paul Jones Group ~ Headricke Easton ~ The Choices ~ TSC ~ Zafrius ~ Keytro Lafeyette ~ Thank You!

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Play What You Feel

I've had this Discussion/Conversation with Individuals in the Business. I often view various aspects of Music wherein one might be typecast to a Specific Style/Genre ~ Music has No Color ~ Music is Passion/Emotion/Feeling ~ Hence I Play what I Feel and have No regret crossing genres in My Exploration and Continued Discomfort of the Rehashing of the Same Ole Same Ole Material heard in many Venues. I always Push to Play What I Feel and Often Hope it May Inspire Another ~ To those whom have been Given So Much ~ Much is Required Of You ~ Play What You Feel ~ If You Don't Feel It ~ The Listener Will Know!

A Thank You One and All

I would be remiss in my duties if I did not take a moment and Thank All the Friends/Fans whom have taken a Moment and Stopped By. Moreover, your Friendship/Fanship has allowed me to Listen to Numerous Talented Musicians/Composers in Quite a Number of Genres ~ You Know Who You Are ~ I am Unquestionably Humbled and without a Doubt ~ Honored! Philip

Looking For Musicians

If You are a Musician in the Houston, Texas area ~ Serious about your Art/Craft/Science ~ I'm Looking For Playas ~ You Got The Chops ~ Send Me Sumptin so I can Listen to Yo Flow ~ #Trinaissance #Entertainment LLC ~ http://www.facebook.com/Philip.Scales.58 ~ http://twitter.com/PhilipScales1

Oh My Mind is Going Through Dem Changes

I'm having to take care of business as Music is a Business and All About Dem Numbers ~ Sooo I've set aside a number of Final Mixes to TCB. Working on Concepts in my Mind and Miss being able to be in the Studio at Any Hour. I'm Blessed to be Able to Do What I Do...And...More Importantly...Humbled and Honored for the Appreciation from All of You...I would remiss in my professionalism if I did not mention ReverbNation whom made this possible!!!


Ya ever feel like a KID in a candy store? I do so every time I come to REVERBNATION...but...it's the EAR CANDY for me. I am often AWED by the talent, discipline, professionalism, creativity, and passion by not only those whom have become my fans (whom I am somewhat partial-wink-wink)...but also those whom our paths have only crossed by me as I peruse their work. I always felt as an ARTIST/MUSICIAN that the task at hand is to bring forth the NEW...FRESH...and ultimately...ENTERTAIN...any and all whom listen...or are searching for their quality time with MUSIC. I must say it is indeed an HONOR to have been touched by "ALL" with your MUSIC! May those COSMIC forces push us to another level...provide us patience when we stumble...and make the very best of 2014!!! :)


Many of us whom choose to write music have unquestionably unique and different methods. I know my methodology has evolved over the years. No question I/we go through periods in writing that are inspirational and other times one goes...Hmmm...what was thinking...lol... No more late nights for me...KIDDING... I'm usually a nocturnal writer...the solace of very few interruptions...writing...playing...bio-rhythms...seems to click with me...of course re-mixing...re-evaluation in the daytime is prudent! I started playing by ear years ago and that was the only way back then. I later pushed myself to be completely absorbed into academic MUSIC THEORY AND COMPOSITION. Yeah script it out on paper which is very cool. Having said that and have done extensive compositions in such notational manner...I find since I have no other player in the studio but me...such is unnecessary...rather than notate... I utilize my equipment for my short-hand...concepts and tweak...dial...redo as...I guess...how I hear it and always reaching for something I haven't heard. There are those whom have touched on the 10,000 hours to break the "HIT" code...maybe...maybe not as sooo many musicians I know...and those I don't but have heard them express...those best ideas/concepts come in five minutes or less and they run with...GUT INSTINCT...FIRST IMPRESSION...IT JUST FEELS RIGHT...maybe all of the aforementioned...maybe none of the above...but I find really MUSIC (at least for me)is very much like that painting...that sculpture...that work of art that stands the test of time even in the most remote eclectic ZONES...one likes or is moved by same...or not. I would be interested in the various opinions...thoughts...rituals...others use/have as they compose their music. I say such not to minimize or insinuate that there isJUST THIS ONE FORMULA for doing such...I'm just curious and my concepts are often a bridge between my curiosity and tempered with my training... Sooo...rather than asking me a question (and there is a heading to do such)...which is cool too...I would like to hear others thoughts on this topic...regardless of GENRE!!!


Amazing the talent @ Rockin/Bumpin/Jazzin ReverbNation.There is no question those rockers/electric guitarist deserve a TREAT so...I will share one of MY trade secrets. My 1971 Fender Thinline Telecaster is one of the axes I use...I have specific designs for each guitar Acoustic/Electric that are carefully chosen in my music. Having said that I'll impart how the TELE was invisioned and modified. I fell in love with the Thinline when I first heard it when playing with fellow musicians in Mobile,Al. Well my search for one started soon after. I purchased my TELE used and was on top of the world...until...I sought to Hot Rod her...I love Pickups In phase reversal...crackling/chunky sound...I initially installed a"double throw double pole" toggle switch thinking that would be the Sweet Spot I wanted...Worked for a minute But I wanted More... So I had been Friends with the Guys @ STRING-N-THINGS in Memphis, Tn. Nonetheless...S-n-T's has a guitar workshop which has always been cutting edge. So I met with their head techie and indicated what I wanted and Bammm. We finalized on removing the original pickups (which of course I saved) and replaced the front pickup with a stacked humbucker Seymor Duncan and the rear pickup was replaced with a Jeff Beck Humbucker... Next was to approach the wiring of these pickups with the option of throwing each pickup in and out of phase (both single/double coils-single pickup or humbucker). I was adamant about NO toggle switches...been there done that and got the toggle switch T-Shirt...lol... Well...one says...what then...We came up with a plan to remove the tone potentiometer (tone control) as well as the volume potentiometer (volume control) and replace both with this/these (Push Pull switch{es}) for both pickups. In essence we elected to have two volume controls which would allow one or either dial In any degree from said pickups one desires...FANTASTICO...then if one so desired to throw either pickup into their phased opposite...just a push-n-pull-n rotate...the SWEET SPOT was found...well for my perspective. We had to of course fabricate a new pick guard which when it was all said and done...It turned into THE multi-purpose axe I needed for a live performance or more importantly...THE STUDIO....ahhh...almost forgot...I love slammin-n- grabbing a wammi bar...sometimes that"s just the cherry on the cake!!! I had met the attorney whom did the Patent work for Kahler and in my weighing which set up I thought would be best (Floyd Rose/Kahler)...I went with the Kahler cam gear wammi with a locking nut for the neck. I have such a distaste for an axe which is not in tune first (Harmonically) above and below the 12th fret...harmonics have to be SPOT ON...and when you THRASH DOWN on her...she's got to stay in tune! I have literally snatched this set up (wammi wise) as far as I could in both extremes and just let go...no matter how many times...she stayed in tune... YOU blast out of the gate thinking...cool... know what she'll do...for the most...indeed...but I found out that everytime I played her I could get new and different sounds (like a bottle of vintage vino-one savours every glass)...it is kinda nice when a plan comes together... and gives one more than they anticipated...THAT SWEET SPOT WAS FOUND... I will go into more detail of other guitars I have if there is enough interest... I'm giving a SHOUT OUT to all you playas...rockers...jazzers...reggae...pop...electric...etc...well there's this one rocker in Vegas whom I hope benefits from the above...you know who you are...lol...and this young rock group whom I'm expecting to be the talk of the town...they know who they are...lol...