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Say Hello to Henry!

Hey everyone. I have a couple of announcements today!

First of all I want to let you all know that I am working out of my new studio right now! I'm so excited about it! Things are still developing and I am getting settled in but so far, so good. I am of course, still recording voiceover demos and coaching actors to help them be great voiceover artists! I am also looking forward to peace, solitude and to making the perfect environment to create music.

I will also be starting a new Youtube series soon with acoustic performances by yours truly and whoever drops by!

And then, I wanted to share Henry with y'all! I have just put up a single here entitled "Henry (From Saginaw, MI)" It's a song about Henry who on Christmas morning receives his very first guitar and then....the rest of his life ensues! I hope you enjoy it. We have been playing this song live for a few years now. Originally, this song was released only to our friends from the original Indiegogo Campaign at Christmas but now, I think we should share it with you! This song features the amazing and talented people I get to work with (Lucky!) all the time and of course my friend and producer Nick Kirgo is at the helm.

Acoustic Guitar/Vocal-Lauren Electric Guitar - Nick Kirgo Bass- Mark Pocket Goldberg Drums-Debra Dobkin Background Vocals-Gary Stockdale

I hope to see you soon at a show or maybe in line at the grocery store. Wherever we meet....it'll be a good day!

Be Strong, Be Brave! Lauren

Soooo frustrated

Hello everyone. I am so frustrated right now. I wrote this wonderful stream of conscientiousness blog this AM. I was really proud of it. It was about being grateful and all my other song writing friends and family out in the world of this beautiful melting pot Los Angeles. It disappeared. Poof. The links are still all around on Twitter and Facebook but when you click on it....nothing. ***sigh*** I am sad. I don't think I can recreate it..humph what kind of writer am I? Anyway. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. BTW, we are trying to raise funds for our next CD - The Lauren Adams Band CD. We are over half way there! here's a link www.indiegogo.com/laurenadams. If you DID get a brief glimpse at the other Blog. Let me know what you thought. As always - Thanks for your support and for keeping independent artists alive! Have a great afternoon everyone! Lauren

Summer in L.A.! Writing, Shows, Nashville etc.

Wow! You guys...it's so beautiful here right now! Los Angeles is a really nice town at 80 degrees! I've been writing a song with my friend Dave Fraser and it's really fun. I am learning to collaborate. Sometimes it;s more like me being pushy and wanting MY idea to work but Dave is so talented, there's really not a lot to do on his songs! I have been trying to expand my horizons and write more songs in the last two years. If you want to hear some of the demos they are here at RN but some of the ones, I just wrote for myself may end up on a compilation of some sort ...I think they call it a record or something like a CD or something. Yeah, maybe I will make one of those for Christmas. If you think I should, why not let me know. I like making new stuff! I have quite a few shows coming up thi ssummer and am looking forward to all of them. Up next is the Los Feliz Village Street Fair on July 22nd. We will be playing on the Vermont stage at 5:00 PM. Drop by and say "Boy Howdy". OK...I'm a dork.

I'm headed to Nashville the weekend of July 28th so hit me up if you're there ...I will have some shows but will be busy writing and co-writing...tooling around....etc. during the day. Love to see you if we can! All the Best, Lauren

Between Me and You

Hey everyone! Have you listened to the "Between Me and You" Demo yet? Well, I will make it a free download for 24 hours. How's that? As my friend John M says "If you don't hear it you won't like it". Have a great afternoon everyone!

Watching the Eagles

No....not Glenn, Don, Joe etal. The Decorah Eagles! This is the 2nd year I have been mesmerized by this family of Eagles! Every year this couple comes back to the same nest and lays three eggs who are SO much fun to watch from the live web cam after they hatch. You should check it out at www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles Oh! AND I uploaded a bunch of live videos of me solo and with the band on youtube channel LaurenAdams101 or you can see him on the www.reverbnation.com/laurenadams page. I think I will be shooting some more later this summer! Have a lovely evening. Lauren XXOO

Henry (From Saginaw, MI)

Hey all y'all! Well, we had a great challenge in our songwriting group to write a song based on or inspired by a photograph. I happily chose the one i named "Henry, (From Saginaw, MI). Now, "Henry" is a little boy say...5years old and is holding a little palomino pony guitar on some special occasion. I was inspired to tell the story of his life, up and including retirement. It was a really fun challenge and if I can ever figure out how to make the MP4 from Garage Band into an MP3, I will post it here for your listening pleasure. Question - do you have a favorite childhood picture of you or a relative or friend that inspires you? Share it with me! Love, LA

Thinking about you .....

.....all. Yes, I am thinking about you all an the community of artists I know. We are never bored, never giving up and consistently writing, performing, and recording our work. I wonder then, with fans on our email lists and friends and family who say they love our work why our shows are not packed to the limit with bodies. Some say, it's because L.A. is a car and traffic town and once people get home from their commute, they don't want to go out again. Others say that the instantaneous entertainment piped into our homes has made us less ambitious in seeking out live performances including theatre and music. Of course, some say it's the economy. I am so very curious as to why you might not be going to a show locally by your favorite artist. Live music is so much different than any recorded version. It's always different, energizing and pure fuel for me. Question: What does it take for you to get out on say, a Tuesday or Wednesday night to hear live music? Your artists want to know. They have working rea4lly hard to please you ...maybe you should let them!


8/15/2009 Lauren Adams releases free download of new song - The Ballad of Junebug Lee.

Los Angeles has more than its share of stars, but every once in a while, one outside of the famed inner circle shines above the hoopla. On L.A.’s indie music scene, Lauren Adams has developed a reputation for giving her heart and soul to her music.

About six months ago Lauren Adams had a dream. “The really good ones seem to stick in my mind and this one would not go away until I wrote it down. In this dream was a woman named June Bug Lee and she really let me in on her deepest thoughts and fears and then we watched them come true together. This has never happened to me...this type of dream/song and because of that, I want to share it with all of you.”

As a songwriter and performer, Lauren takes her work seriously. She wanted this song to be a gift.

Recorded and produced by Nick Kirgo’s in L.A. Lauren feels that this track is blessed with the beautiful playing of - Mark “Pocket” Goldberg on Bass, Debra Dobkin on percussion, Nick Kirgo on Electric Guitars/Banjo/Dobro and production.

The Ballad of June Bug Lee will be available to download for free today on my www.revernation.com/laurenadams page. If you wouldn’t mind becoming a fan there, it would be really cool! It will also be available on www.laurenadams.com, www.myspace.com/laurenadams101 We hope you enjoy it and please share it with your friends and family if you like!

Here are some shows coming up for the rest of the summer where you can hear the live version of THE BALLAD OF JUNEBUG LEE.

8/22/09 THE AMERICANA MUSIC CIRCLE and Free Live Webcast www.kulakswoodshed.com - 8:00-10:00 5230 1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd. NO. HOLLYWOOD CA 91607 Price: $10.00 Donation

The Americana Music Circle with Featured Artist: Phil Parlapiano, The Circle with:Dean Dobbins, John Pawlak and Karen Tobin and then the Lauren Adams Band

9/10/09 NSAI Songwriter’s Night - Hosted by Randall Kirby Hallenbeck’s General Store 5510 Cahuenga Blvd. No.Hollywood, CA 8:00 PM

9/11/09 The Talking Stick The Nette Radio Showcase - 8:00 1411 Lincoln Blvd. Venice CA Price: FREEE! The Nette Radio Showcase

8/10/09 Skinny’s Lounge Jason Charles Miller’s Songwriter’s Night 4923 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 9:00 Price: $3.00

8/19/09 Cafe Muse The Lavish Lounge - 9:00 6547 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood CA Price: Free

The Lauren Adams Band with OTIS, Pocket Goldberg and another artist TBA.


Last night.....

....I had a fantastic time at Arnie's Cafe!! I was honored to play with the best house band in the land and listened to some real good music too!

I'm not very good at the blogging thing but...here is an entry anyway;)

I am looking forward to the next show at Kulak's Woodshed www.kulakswoodshed.com on Saturday the 22nd. Phil Par;apiano will be playing at the top of teh show and who knows what insturments he'll bring along. tehn a circle with Dean Dobbins, John Pawlaka And Karen Tobin AND THEN ME AND BAND!


Hope to see ya down the road!! Lauren

Hey everybody.....c'mon!

Summer's almost here and the time is almost right for dancing in th e streets!

I have a buncha shows in May just getting ready to play the summer away! Check my schedule and come on by...they are all free admission shows. hey.....who needs money for art???LOL!!!

I love you man. Lauren