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Not worthy!

Wooowee, zoiks and jinkies! Topped 5000 fans today.....thank you all soooo much! xxxxx

Tis the season...

Time to get the Christmas songs out of the loft and dust off last year's glitter. We have a rule about this and today is officially the day!

Stressful times and choppy vibes!

They do say that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do in this life....well...so far this year we moved two houses into one and got it live-able and built a groovy new Zen Room...the last bit arrived yesterday....it has taken ( from putting an offer in for the new place ) seven months....there has been little time for new music...and we have gotten all lardy on too much take-away comfort food......thanks for hanging with us......hoping to be back on track with groovier vibes really soon! :)

New Releases?

So far this year has been one of upheaval at Space Cadet Central....having shifted our base of operations, we now find ourselves in the middle of re-building and upgrading the studio.....the forth album we expected to be ready about now has turned into a collection of one off tracks already posted to Reverbnation and a fifth and hopefully more coherent offering is developing parallel to that.....the video studio is still in a box.....so keep the faith new things will come as soon as we are settled and can slow down enough to enjoy the new vibe-zone! xxx

The Luv Daleks
The Luv Daleks  (11 months ago)

Hold on there are times of Groovy Tidings ahead.

Play the albums

More than one person has pointed out that we have a lot of material posted here...it's true and with luck there will be more in a couple of months when the new studio is up and running. So may we suggest that instead of the "Play All" feature on the main playlist, you can try going to the "Albums" section under the playlist and above the comments, where you can play them an album at a time to get at the older material without having to go through the whole playlist.There are some real gems tucked away in the back catalogue. ;)

Obey...Sign up....Consume

A friend with a record store had a good rant yesterday about why Record Store Day has become a corporate shill and why it's not about independents anymore and why she won't be doing it this year. She is right. The true independents now are the bands and musicians doing it for themselves via Reverbnation, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. There is a lot of good new music to be had there on all of those sites for free streaming and direct download sales...I'm not just saying that because I use them for my own musical endeavours....I have found a lot of great stuff on these sites, most of which are free for musicians to use. I would like to encourage more people to sign up for accounts with these sites as listeners because only through use will they remain viable and I don't think they are that well known outside of musician circles. It's like having a great bar or venue that promotes unsigned artists every night of the week that you can visit just to see who's on and sometimes find a band you really like and might want to maybe go home with their cassette/CD/demo as it was in the days of yore..without leaving the house and having to shell out for buses, taxis,a cover charge and a load of drinks...not that I would discourage that either because if you can find a place like that, it needs your support too..but they are few and far between these days. So have a Google, sign up, browse and see what's out there. https://www.reverbnation.com/ http://bandcamp.com/fans https://soundcloud.com/

Download Sales.

We have reverted back to our $Free/pay what you like policy over on Bandcamp.....contrary to their advice, it is our observation that more people downloaded and paid more with the Pay as you like philosophy than the fixed price philosophy...follow the link on the page. The top half dozen songs on the playlist here are destined to become Volume 4 and will become available on Bandcamp soon...until then you'll just have to stream them :)


You may have noticed a rash of covers at the top of the playlist...This is because we are putting together a covers collection as well as writing Volume 4...we are not in any way moving away from original material....just thought we'd clear that up! xxx

Sales now at Bandcamp.

Hi...we only kept the "buy" links here to support the "Love, Hope, Strength!" charity via music for good...which is now ending. If you wish to buy any of our work, it is available more cheaply and at a higher quality from our Bandcamp Store....just follow the link on the page. The cover versions remain free to download. xxx

"Puppet on a string" free Download

As a thankyou to our friends and fans who bought the album(s) here is another of our psyched out cover songs which you can download here for free. As usual we are limited here to 128kps mp3 but can arrange a better quality download from Soundcloud if anybody wants that....just let us know. xxx