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Random Acts of Epic Awesomeness

Keeping with its long-standing tradition, Sykophunk Productions is dropping a release this coming Friday the 13th. Random Acts of Epic Awesomeness by joe DOE will be available June 13, 2014. This digital album is a relentless onslaught of lyrical insanity – 69 minutes, 24 tracks, spanning the last 6 years of the Sykophunk madman’s career, including some previously unreleased alternate versions. In the words of DOE himself: “This isn’t necessarily all of my best songs, but it’s a damn good collection that hopefully shows off my skills as a lyricist and my dedication as a 100% independent underground artist.”

The album is now available exclusively for download on the Sykophunk Bandcamp page: https://joedoe.bandcamp.com/album/random-acts-of-epic-awesomeness

2014: new mixtape, EP & album?!?

OK it's that random time of the year when I remember that a Reverbnation blog exists, lol. But first off on a real note, I appreciate the love and support I've been getting on RN. I've hit some top numbers on the local hip hop charts due to all the activity. So if you are reading this, thank you - you kick ass!

Now what do I have in the works right now? Three things for the near future... 1. a compilation/mixtape of remixes & edits of my dopest ish of the past 5 years, 2. an EP of brand new material, and 3. HAPPOCRISY yes, I want to finally finish this album, if I can find the funding for my budget LMAO! Wanna help? Buy some music from Sykophunk Productions. It's that easy: http://joedoe.bandcamp.com/

As always, stay connected for the latest updates. OFFICIAL SITE: sykophunk.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com/JoeDoeSyko TWITTER: @doe333

No rest for the syko...

And here I find myself at the nation's crossroads, collaborating with (usually) like-minded individuals, slowly but steadily building a small empire, preparing to spread out from the focal point. The rEvolution Underground will not expire. Get connected:

https://www.facebook.com/JoeDoeSyko Twitter: @doe333 http://joedoe.bandcamp.com/

Sykophunk 2012 audio insanity

Working on a lot of new material - Dramatic Effect (collab with GrimWitcH) and new Triple Vision coming soon! 99%, debut song from Uther (collab with Christel South), already online @ http://www.uther-music.com/ Keep your Third Eye open for Happocrisy a.k.a. The Democalypse Trilogy part I...

Check out these artists - support indie & underground music!

Christel South www.myspace.com/christelsouth www.facebook.com/christelsouth www.twitter.com/christelsouth www.youtube.com/christelsouth Jahbez http://www.thatzdatheat.co.nr/ http://trig.com/thatzdatheat www.myspace.com/thatzdatheat www.myspace.com/mindsetmusic9 Belle Seraphin http://www.reverbnation.com/belleseraphin Immortal Technique http://www.reverbnation.com/immortaltechnique

the Democalypse is coming...

My new album Democalypse will be available on March 30, 2010! The first single will be released on Feb 26, here on RN and many other places online. For more info & to stay updated on the album's progress, hit up http://sykophunk.com/ I'm looking for street teamers too, to help spread the word about the album's release for a chance to win free stuff! If you want to be part of the rEvolution Underground, please join the street team from my main profile page. Keep your Third Eye open...

Who the Hell is joe DOE?!

That's the question we've been asking @ Sykophunk Productions lately... well on Friday the 13th it was answered. Now available: my new mixtape project, download every song for free @ http://www.sykophunk.com/free_downloads We're launching a contest soon to win free stuff, so hit up my page & join my mailing list. If you join the street team, you get 2 entries in the contest. Also if you're on Facebook, check out my new page & become a fan: http://www.facebook.com/pages/joe-DOE/217660165040

new stuff

What's up people? I just uploaded some new songs, some of which you can download for free, from my new album Be Middle Class or Die Trying. Check 'em out and if you like them, don't be shy - hit me up, add me, all that. There's a lot more music where these tracks came from. I'm also putting together a compilation of my recent collabs & remixes, featuring underground artists from all over the world, and it will all be available for free download! Coming very soon... stay connected and visit http://sykophunk.com for more info.