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one thing I hate as a hip hop artist and a fan of the music is hearing people say that rap and hip hop is not real music. I just don't understand how something so creative and powerful as this is still not taken serious and viewed as as music. But who is at fault for this? Is it the people criticizing the art form or is it us artist who are feeding these people this non sense that we can't produce real music. we've taken a craft that people spent their whole lives creating and building a plant form for and destroying it with the garbage lyrics we display on our songs. we need to discover the roots to our music and bring them back to life. we need to bring our lives back into the music and produce lyrics that actually have a meaning to them not just something that sounds good. As artist and fans its our jobs to keep this music that gave us a voice hope and a chance back to the promise land. i want to know what others think on this subject and i want people to tell me what they think about it is our music and we need to bring it back to life -Lotus

never perfect

now an days if your not one thing your another and you can never please anyone. lets stop trying to please others and please our selfs music is one of the only things that truly allows you to be your own person. The day you get over the fact that people are gonna talk, not every one is gonna like the product you put out because your music is a product just like coke or kickat, its a product and not everyone likes those couple of products, but there are those people that are gonna like your product so you keep making your music the way you like it the way you want it to be and thats when you music is gonna take a turning point. I'd really like for some feed back on what you think on this topic and what us artist could do or should to stop this fear that drags us all down and how we could over come the fact that people arent gonna like our music and others are. so feed back please let us know


In life we all have goals, ideas, dreams things that we want for our selfs and see in our future. most people never actually reach these different goals. and those that do reach them never truly cherish what they have. i feel like thats something this industry is lacking and us in the society as well. for those who are blessed enough to actually reach these different points in there life for get what got them there it was those long nights it was that pain and suffrage it was everything you put into it. Once you pass those marks in life and if you manage to stay successful you need to keep working at that pace that got you there in the first place you don't let off you regroup , fill up your tank and keep pushing. thats the only way to maintain the hard work you put into it cause once your there it doesn't mean it's your. theres plenty of people that would love to have your spot and would be more then willing to do what you did including myself. so keep working and keep pushing to what you want in life cause your just cause your there doesn't mean its your. take a step back and breathe ... Breathe my new song will be posted very soon and i hope you guys are looking forward to it


some times as artist i think we get so caught up with will he or she like my song or will anyone like my song. instead we should take focus on the fact that we like our song and were a product and some people are gonna like it and some aren't. we get so caught up on the money the shows the girls the hate that we suffocate with these things. we need to take a step back and breathe. and that's where my new song comes into play. Breathe. I hope you guys look forward to this song and soak up the full content of the song. Breathe By J. Lotus