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Song Soldier

"Words make you think thoughts, music makes you feel a feeling, but a song makes you feel a thought" - Yip Harburg Lets keep feeling each others thoughts with song. Be a song soldier

Peeps pick us up

Waiting watching and wondering if HLB made it into the local peoples choice next round.

Rock into the New Year

Amazing dare to dream those dreams came true in 2015 and finding more to dream. New release before year end has HLB written all over it ")

American Soldiers

In memory on this day for all the sacrifices along the way of all those that love this great country God has given to us to hold on to and put our trust in. May we never forget and treasure our memories. Soldier on it must be done are the inspired words that ring out in HLB's song Army Wife.

Nominated for best Country

Press conference on February 3rd announced the nominees for the 2015 awards. HLB is in the running. Plus our devoted following fans are keeping us in the peoples choice. So thankful ") More votes needed for round 5. http://www.syracuseareamusic.com/peopleschoice/index.html

Vote for Hattie Lewis Band For the Syracuse Sammys

Hey all you Hattie Lewis Band Fans! We have been nominated for the Syracuse Area Music Awards and need your votes! The last day of voting for the first round ends on Sunday January 18th! We are asking are fans to Rally with us! You can vote every day and it's as easy as clicking the provided link, scrolling to find our name and clicking our name! With your help dreams can come true!! http://www.syracuseareamusic.com/peopleschoice/index.html

2015 ready set ")

Push it push it push it "Real Good". Salt-N-Pepa you Rock. Looking forward to banding together more with all the Talent here this New Year. Reverb you Rock!!

Cheers to your New Year

Looking forward to all the new ahead of us this year. Let the good times roll. Thank you all for your support.

Joy in the air

Good vibes coming through our new Christmas song. Happy Holidays to all and the Prince of Peace be with you.

All over the World

So it's been a little over a year with Reverb Nation and just want to say...............Awesome site!Finding some phenomenal talent all over the world and we get to share some of our own music magic.