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Blacktop Bend had another great show at Threadgill's. I never get over the wonderful feeling I get when I play there. Our good friend Rob Lifford was fantastic on the mandolin today. We really do appreciate his talents and friendship. Be sure to visit his website at http://www.roblifford.com/ And buy his CD. You're gonna love it! --George

16th Annual CTBA Band Scramble

Ever been to a band scramble? The Central Texas Bluegrass association is having one tomorrow, Sunday July 1st. There will also be a silent auction and garage sale. The festivities start at 2pm till 6pm. If you are a performing musician you can take part This event is a lot of fun and I hope you can come out and enjoy the music. The event will be held at: Waterloo Ice House 1106 W. 38th St., Austin, Texas

Blacktop Bend "Biking with Beverly" CD

For several years we would hear at our gigs, "Can we buy your CD?", and we had to sadly say we did not have one....

We spent a year of blood sweat and tears putting it together and now it's here!

You may already have one, and been enjoying it I hope.

If not here's where you can get one.

You can order one over the Internet at , http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/blacktopbend You can hear the samples and decide if you want the whole CD or the MP3's. It's available on iTunes. You can find it in the bluegrass section at Waterloo Records on West 6th. It's at Cheapo Records at 914 North Lamar Boulevard.

And of course you can always get one at our gigs!

I'd like to thank all of you because if you're family, friend, musician, or lover of good music, you helped us complete this project.

We are very proud of it and we hope you like and listen to it for years to come.

We'd like the to thank all the members of the Central Texas Bluegrass Association and Austin Friends of Tradition Music for their support of bluegrass,traditional, and live music in central Texas.

Mark your calendars for October 28th 7pm Star Co. Coffee & Cafe in Round Rock.

If you would like to see us your favorite venue please make that request to their management.

The can hear us at www.blacktopbend.com or they can contact me at (512) 619-8536

Hope to see you soon!


Blacktop Bend Green Mesquite and Mother's Day

The Green Mesquite gig was great due to our peeps showing. They make it all worth while.

Next show is Jax Neighborhood Cafe May 11th 6:30pm.

To all the moms on Mother's day, Thanks for your support and love you gave us when we were young and needed you for everything.

For all the times you made me sing and play when I was down. That taught me that music was my medicine.

You were a single mom at a time when it wasn't an everday thing. You sacrificed everything for us. Never a once thinking about yourself, only us.

Thanks for raising us the best you could...

Love and miss you Mom.


Blacktop Bend Simplicity and Farmer's Market April 2011

Just goy back from the Farmer's Market gig. It was a beautiful day! Austin came out in droves. It may have been the great weather or great fresh produce, but I've decided it was because we were playing.

Ran into an Austin celebrity, but I won't tell you who it was they were incognito. Thanks for the compliments!

Made some new friends who can't wait for our CD to come out. Me to!

Friday night's Simplicity Wine Bar gig was a huge success, so I don't know why June 24th is our last scheduled gig their....Maybe if a few of you let them know you enjoy Blacktop Bend and would come back to see them often?

Anyway, we made some new friends who were really old friends we hadn't met yet! Long story...All roads lead to Old Settler's Music Festival.

Waiting...Waiting on Blue Oak for a final mix of our CD. We are so excited we can't wait!

We'll talk soon I promise!