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Eyes (Lyrics)

The lyrics for my song written for my daughter "Eyes" are online for viewing. I will record the new version soon with the lyrics included in the song.


New Instrumental "Eyes" by Shaggy

I uploaded a new instrumental (at this point) song I am working on for my special needs 8 yr old daughter. I posted the lyrics that will be added later, I will cut some of the lead guitars out and record a new more straight ahead softer rock lyrical version and post it when its ready, for now I have this version online. The other version eliminates the bouncing lead guitar section and it becomes quite different in tonal expression. It has less of a progressive feel to it then.

Its about her losing her vision to a very serious brain tumor and how she overcame odds beyond what most of us can even understand, and her being an inspiration to me in many ways. God Bless you Mikayla. This ones for you honey....stay strong!

Support for Matt

Matt S. our bassist and dear friend's wife had a brain aneurism a couple days ago, we wish her well and a speedy recovery, we stand behind you brother, well see you when you get back to town, good luck guys and we all love ya. - BigFoot band members

Rock My World Remixed

Remixed Rock My World to add a dirt guitar and a clean guitar on chorus section to fill out the song more and make it more "rockin". Used a different amplifier setup as well to get a better guitar tone.

Danger on the tracks

Alright! We got Lucy "Danger" R doing backing vocals on the tracks, Talk, Quicksand, and Rock My World, good job Danger, ya sound badass girl.


Talk Remixed/Quicksand Remixed, redid my (Shaggy) lead parts and backing guitars with a different amp much smoother sounding, played around with mic position etc. Added Chris and Matts tracks for Drums/Bass also just before that.

Demo Finished

Our demo is finished. Just need to reedit it a bit more, but basically its done, good work guys. Well be adding Lucy on recordings from this point on. Look out Rogue Valley, your about to be rocked hard!

New Vocalist

Welcome Lucy "Danger" to the project!