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New Song, Needle in Your Heart

Something I wrote, talking about how addiction destroys a person, shows them true pain through its lack of mercy, ruining lives and families. A general statement of how horrible drugs are.

Eyes Remixed

Remixed Eyes a bit, just re-eqed a few things and redid my guitar solo, I wasn't happy with the way it was before, sounds a little better I think.


Care Lots Lyrics

They are up in written form, now to actually add them into the tracks....

New Song in progress

"Care Lots" is something im working on. Used a Plexi type guitar tone to give it that hard 70s and 80s rock vibe. Will add lyrics soon. - Shaggy


Thanks to all the people listening to "Eyes" and our other songs. We really appreciate your support. Your all the best!

Dangers first lead vox track

"Eyes", is coming together now, and Ridin Heavy is being worked on at present to get lyrics written for it, stay tuned, thx for listening. .., Shaggy 953

Ridin Heavy remixed

Ok, worked on our heaviest song yet a bit more, tried using a condenser mic (AKG Perception 2000) as well as a dynamic mic (SM57) on two different cabs, at the same time! Giant guitar tone, lovin it. Ill be using this process in the future for any guitar recording I do, works excellent.

Talk (Slide Remix)

Added a slide guitar to "Talk", gives it that cool vibe that slide brings

Ridin Heavy

Workin on this new song right now, will be deleting automated drum tracks and adding vocals/drums/and a GOOD bassline instead of my crappy bass playing lol soon. A little heavier groove we are workin on. -Shaggy

BigFoot (the song) remixed

Remixed our song BigFoot, to add a couple new guitar tracks, ditched the Les Paul on backing electric and added the hollow body electric and also used the hollow body for a new lead track. Think it sounds better that way. Enjoy