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Lara & The Bluz Dawgz Devil Moon Lock Alley Music

By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © August 2013

"Devil Moon" is the debut release of the Nashville, TN based band Lara & The Bluz Dawgz. Having members who originally hail from Canada to Louisiana and from New York to New Mexico, you could say their reach spans the country from top to bottom and from left to right. They are: Lara Germony on vocals; Gregg Germony on bass; Dan Nadasdi on keys; Al Rowe on guitar; Ray Gonzales on drums; and Reggie Murray on saxophone. The disc contains all original music with several band members collaborating on some while Mr. & Mrs Germony took part in the lot. Being one who believes that the way to make a blues band better is to add a sax or a keyboard, and since Lara & The Bluz Dawgz did both, I'm looking very forward to doing some listening.

There's nothing like listening to the opening track of a CD and thinking you're hearing everyone already at discs best. Now that's what I call making a good first impression. Lara's smoothly singing her heart out, the guitarist, pianist and saxophonist are lighting up when highlighted and the rhythm guys are wailin' away. "Working Overtime" just told me I'm in for a hell of good listening session.

On "Devil Moon", the discs title track, everyone's still working their masterful magic but they're doing it softer and slower allowing Lara to showcase her lovely voice and magnificent vocal style. This beautiful ballad is a perfect platform for her to display her wonderful range. Very good listening.

When Lara's says "Step On Up", the band doesn't need to be told twice.....especially Al. Fueled by some ferocious rhythm, he becomes some kind of a guitar god and runs away with this one.

I don't think Lara let the band know that the name of this song was "Waitin' On You", 'cause they're not waitin' on anyone. As a matter of fact is sounds like they're having a race and at various times Dan and his piano are in the lead, then Al and his guitar take it and before you know it, it's Reggie and his sax out front. Of course Ray and Gregg are responsible for the wicked pace on the drums and bass but it's Lara who's actually belting out the blues. Phew, this one's a smoker.

I always love when my favorite track on this disc also happens to be the longest track on the disc, and that's the case with "Baby I'm Through With You". Although those are words no one ever wants to hear, the song sure is. This is low down dirty blues as fine as you can find it. With it's deep and moody rhythm, it's smoldering guitar leads and it's melancholic, heartfelt vocals, the blues just doesn't get any better than this. But wait...it does. Those blues filled, high end notes coming from the piano and those sultry and steamy sax highlights take it to a whole other level. Song of the year material, for sure.

Grab a bus, take a car, come from wherever you are. Grab your boat, catch a plane, jump upon a fast track train. This place Is rockin", there ain't, no stoppin', stoppin' us now. You said a mouthful there Lara. "This Place Is Rockin". And it's all because Dan's goin' wild on the piano, Ray's out of his mind on the drums, Gregg's bouncing all over the place on bass and Reggie & Al are dukeing it out on the sax and guitar. Monster track worthy of several replays.

Other tracks on "Devil Moon", this awesome debut effort by Lara & The Bluz Dawgz, include: "Anywhere But There", "Rude Dawg", "Some Kinda Evil", "Corporate Monkey Cage", "Your Stupid Friend", and "Can't Shake You".

If you liked what I had to say as much as I liked saying it, then check out Lara & The Bluz Dawgz at www.laraandthebluzdawgz.com. When you do, please tell her the Blewzzman sent you.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com 2011 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient