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2014 Songwriting Challenge

Hey loves! I just wanted to give you all a heads up about a new project that I am working on. I just posted my 4th video of a 52 week songwriting challenge. Every week for all of 2014 I will be writing a new song and posting a video on youtube of that week's song! Hopefully I will have tons of material to choose from for my next album! If you would like to follow along on my creative journey, please subscribe to my youtube channel (Sara Nelms). Here is a link to the most recent song. http://youtu.be/PBpaUW9C_VA Thanks and have a wonderful day! Love, Sara

Successful Tour! Thank you to the Southeast!

The month of August was a total whirlwind. I successfully completed my first tour of 17 shows in 25 days while putting almost 6000 miles on my little rental car! There were difficulties, including having to stop way more times than I wanted to in order to keep myself awake on the highway, and a couple of rooms where it seemed like no one was listening. Each struggle makes you stronger, though. Overall, I think it was a huge success. I am so thankful to all the venues who welcomed me. I did not meet a single person who worked at any of the venues who was not welcoming and kind. Here are some highlights! *Jacksonville stands out because as I walked into the smokey punk style bar I wondered if the people would relate to my folky style, but the amazing people there and the other bands stood right up by the stage and were even singing along with my song "Breathe" by the final chorus. It was my number one favorite moment on the tour. I loved what I saw of the Jacksonville scene and am thankful to Burro Bar for hosting me! *Sarasota Farmers Market- Justin Layman and I played an early morning show at the Sarasota Music Scene tent and we were fortunate to receive one of the oddest/coolest tips in our tip jar.. it was a plastic dove/pigeon thing which became my mascot for the rest of the trip. *Eddies Attic open mic- I decided to include an open mic on the tour because I know the reputation of this venue is amazing and I wanted to check it out. The talent level at this mic was the best I have ever seen, with lots of locals who pay the cover to watch the show because they know how good a show it will be. The staff and host and sound guy were all amazingly welcoming and supportive with hugs all around at the end of the night. I will definitely do that one again. *North Carolina- every show in NC was amazing. I don't know what it is there, but people really value music and it was inspiring and rewarding. Also, I got to visit with lots of family there, so that was a plus. (o: I also have to throw a huge shout out to all the amazing people who, so kindly, welcomed me into their homes this month! I only had to stay in a hotel for 1 night on the whole tour. I am seriously blessed to have such generous friends and family. Now it's time to adjust back to city life and hopefully write some new songs from my experiences on the trip! Oh, and plan another tour... Peace, love, and music, Sara

Tour planning

So, about 3 months ago, I was having a conversation with someone about my career and he asked me about my plans after my CD release. I realized that I didn't actually have many plans. I had spent so much time creating the album and so much time working on production and post production and manufacturing and paperwork that it seemed like I was almost at the goal. The new goal had to be to get back to the fun part.. the music! For so long, I put off touring because I didn't have anything physical to leave with my audience. I had always focused on playing to the local scene wherever I was living at the time. Touring! The next frontier. The task was daunting and I had no idea what I was doing. I started by throwing the idea out to my friends on Facebook and focusing on areas where I might have a couch to crash on. I got great responses from my friends who were quick to offer up couches and ideas of towns that would be best. Next I became a sponge and asked for tips from everyone I knew who had booked a solo tour without the help of outside support. Since then I have spent a couple of hours almost everyday on researching venues, towns, planning out a route and contacting venues. It is finally coming together and I leave in a month!!! The next daunting task is promoting the tour and making posters and contacting local media so that people will know to come! I have learned to much about touring already and I haven't even left yet! So excited to get out there and then start planning the next one!

Rocket Hub Campaign!

Hey guys... so some of the craziness from the album release has subsided but of course it has been replaced by other projects (o: It's the life that I have signed up for! Well, now I am having a blast planning and booking my August tour. I have started a RocketHub campaign to help fund it. RocketHub is very similar to Kickstarter, which you have more likely heard of but for my purposed I have chosen RocketHub. Link is http://rkthb.co/27461 ... looks like you have to copy and paste into your browser bc I can't figure out how to link it in this blog... oops! Please check out my project! There are super fun prizes including CDs, private shows, and personalized songs. Have fun with it! I am (o: Love, Sara http://rkthb.co/27461

CD Release Day!!

Today I am feeling overcome with happiness that my (and my whole team's) hard work has finally paid off! My album, Lover, No Longer is finally available for download on iTunes and I could not be happier. I have so many people to thank. First of all, my parents, without whom, I could not have been able to do this the right way. I have to thank Spirit Ranch Studio in Sarasota, FL where I recorded. Pedro Arevalo was an amazing producer, teacher, partner in crime, and friend through the recording process. The epic, Bud Snyder was the engineer and did the mixes and such a gracious teacher as well. Thank you to my amazing players, Pedro Arevalo, Garrett Dawson, Dani Jaye, Sandi Grecco, and Justin Layman. I feel like this process was kind of like going to grad school because I learned so much. Thank you to Justin Layman, for your contributions and for being a great friend and encouraging me at all the right times, and not letting me get away with just being a singer. Thank you to Eric De Barros for your incredible artwork which graces the front cover and inside and your beautiful design. Thank you to Scott Braun for the photography. Thank you to Jason Silberman at ASCAP NYC for so many emails and meetings helping me to make my music more of a professional business. You have been just amazing. And thank you to Chelsea Lena for connecting us! Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me through the years and to my new friends in NYC who have continued to inspire me to improve and have welcomed me to the city with open arms. I truly feel so blessed today. Thank you!!!! Now, let's stop being mushy and party! CD release show tonight at Rockwood Music Hall, stage 1 in NYC 6pm sharp!!

Release Date!

Hey! Great news! I finally have a release date for the album! Lover, No Longer will be released digitally on 5/21/13! Currently working on a CD release party location and time! It's about time right? This whole experience has been a serious test in patience but I am so proud of the product I am putting out and I know it will be worth it (o: Peace!


While finishing up the "after recording" part of making my record I have discovered a very interesting question. I got back my mixes from my sound engineer (the amazing Bud Snyder). We are doing this part long distance since he is in Florida and I am in NYC. It was time to make sure that I was cool with how all the levels (vocal reverb?, intro too long?, should the drums be louder? ect..) sounded on the mix. In the studio, they have the best equipment for listening. I quickly found that my laptop speakers were not going to cut it. So, I set out to find someone with a stereo that I could listen on. It just so happens that, like myself, many young adults these days don't have stereos anymore. We're listening to music on our laptops, our phones, and in our cars. In New York, though, most people in my circle don't even have cars. So, not only did this make it hard for me to find somewhere to listen, but it made me realize that once the album is finished, most people won't listen on a traditional system anyway. Then, should we mix for ipads and laptops? Probably not, but maybe. So, I finally found a friend with stereo, who let me listen at her place. Thanks, Jess! It sounded much different than my computer. The bass came out much louder than on my trebley computer speakers. By this time, I had already realized that many people would probably listen on headphones so the next step was to listen at home on headphones and compare notes. Which one should I trust? I have no idea. In the end I compared my notes from the stereo and the headphones and used the things that were the same on both. I spoke to Bud for his advice and he said that it would be ideal for me to be in the studio with him since he couldn't hear what I was hearing. That would be amazing if I could make it down to do the final listen but music hasn't made me the big bucks so far... so this time we will do it from a distance. So, we shall see! The album sounds amazing though, if I do say so, myself! I had an incredible team and musicians who believed in my music. #newagemusicproblems (o;


Hello all, I am not the bloggiest of artists, but maybe today I should try something new. Well, I guess I will start out with a little introduction, then! As you know, since you are on my page. I sing and write music. What you may not know is that I moved to NYC in August to continue my journey in the craziest city on earth! So far, I am having an amazing time. I continue to be surprised at just how friendly "New Yorkers" are! The funny part is that most people aren't even from here! So, what makes everyone so cool when you shove them onto this little island? I have been having this conversation with people every chance I get. What we have come up with so far is that no one has time to be anything but real.. and apparently people really are pretty cool. So, aside from being a happy little newbie in the city, I have been working my butt off! The open mic circuit here is pretty amazing and I have been floating around a couple different groups in different parts of town. Trying to figure out all the neighborhood names is a little bit of a challege! Which part of the village am I in now? Soho, Noho, Lower East Side, Midtown... I got off the train and now I'm here, basically (o; I hope you all get a chance to live/visit here. Next time maybe we will talk about music? Maybe not! Love to you all, Sara