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Exploring new ideas

Ever since I’ve been able to expand my songwriting by adding other instruments, I’ve been exploring new fields of creating music. What once used to be sitting at a piano and plunking out some chords has now turned to playing beats, exploring synthesized sounds, and playing “guitar” (which is really just playing the keyboard “fingered bass,” or “OVD front guitar,” or “steel string guitar.”) I mean, I can play a little bit of guitar, but not enough to carry a whole song.

And it’s created this whole new idea of creating a song. For the longest time, I’d listen and scoff at the people on the radio, thinking to myself “wow, you did a lot of hard work, repeating that same beat over and over.” But now that I’m building some of my songs from a simple drum beat, I can see how complicated it can get. In the last three days, I’ve written two songs, “Utterly Absurd,” and “Love Me,” and realized how FUN this can all be…and it’s more than just playing a beat over and over. It’s tough stuff.

(Songs can be heard following this link: http://kellicatesmusic.weebly.com/care-to-dance.html )

For the longest time, I would be so proud of my songs. Like I said earlier, I’d scoff at radio’s candy pop and only respect artists of the guitar/piano persuasion, like Ingrid Michaelson, or Ben Folds. But now I realize that in order to succeed, I need to cast off my pride and dive into the market of today’s music….even if it is pop, R&B, hip hop, lots of repeating, synthesized beats and what not. Because that can make some GOOD music that will catch in your head and make you want to listen to it over and over. And if you get the right singer…well, that’s just magic waiting to happen, isn’t it?

So, off into this world of unknown I go. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll get my foot in the door for more success. Let’s hope!