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Long Distance

OMG with the industry I'm in it's hard to run into or find someone that you can trust -( speaking of the opposite sex )..... Let alone someone you like that isn't hoeing around! Boom - you find it - or stumble upon it and the fucker leaves in say another country pretty much lol What is that? Why is that? First thing to mind is - good relationships consist mainly of work. Having to work for it in a sense. The fly by night fellas are simple - less demand huh I celebrate the single life - it's so much easier yo


Best Day of the Year!!!!!

It’s my damn Birth Day !!!!!!!!! I’m so excited and full of energy. I thought they said that your going to feel older when u get older. Shit I feel on top of the world with a super woman alfit on danggling from a sky scarpper! lol So how’s everyone else feeling? Creativity is everywhere today so – go right that song, speak up for urself today, draw that picture, put ur alfit together for the weekend club jump off, tell that person what uv been wanting to tell them – it’ll come out more creative LOL, start a business plan, whatever – just do it! I appreciate u guys being in my fan catagory, you keep me writing and I’m gateful that u dig my material and who I am! enough boowhoing….it’s A FU** GREAT DAY. BirthDay Sex????!!!! hummmmm,,,,,,,, lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. TWELV…MORETHANADIME


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