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The Independents Featured in Rue Morgue Magazine #143

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! Rue Morgue magazine Issue #143! We are honored to be featured in this month's issue of the world’s foremost aficionados of horror!! Run out and get your copy of Rue Morgue magazine Issue #143 NOW, at only the best bookstores or online! New issue is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase online here: http://tinyurl.com/kubn52y


April 17 Philadelphia, PA @ JR's

April 18 Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar

April 19 Torrington, CT @ Snapper Magee's

April 20 Kenilworth, NJ @ 10th Street Live

April 21 Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13

April 23 Worcester MA @ Lucky Dog

April 24 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine

April 25 Kingston, NY @ Snapper Magee's

April 26 Richmond, VA @ Wonderland

The Independents have to drop off a few shows.

Due to an accident our drummer was in we have to drop off the following shows bellow. These shows are still going on with other great bands so we urge you to still go out and support the Promoters, Venues and Bands. We do plan to reschedule these ASAP. We are really sorry for any inconvenience. More up dates coming soon! September Wed 4) Jacksonville,FL Jack rabbits Thur 5) Gainsville,FL Boca Fiesta Fri 6) Tampa, FL Tampa Pitcher Show Sat 7) Pompano beach,FL Mickey's


Step right up! Get your Independents New album, Panties , Jackets, License plates,Coffin Guitar and so much more right here folks!! We are at 73% with 5 days left on The Independents " Into The Light" Kickstarter campaign!! It's all or nothing! That's right. We don't meet the goal then we don't get Jack. What better way to help a hard working DIY band celebrate their 21 anniversary than by supporting their Kickstarter campaign?

So come on check out the limited-edition merchandise being offered ONLY on this Kickstarter campaign alongside the pre-sale of our new record. Please SHARE this everyday and help us keep Willy B from working the streets!!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1265010790/the-independents-new-record-into-the-light

THANK YOU to all these fine fiends who have pledged so far on our Kickstarter Campaign for our new record. We are so grateful for your support! You are the reason we have kept going these past 21 years! If your name is not on this list then you have not pledged or your pledge did not go through.

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Here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1265010790/the-independents-new-record-into-the-light

The Independents " INTO THE LIGHT" Kickastarter!!

We are at 64% with 7 days left on The Independents " Into The Light" Kickstarter !!!! It's all or nothing! That's right. We don't meet the goal then we don't get Jack. Please take a minute and check out some of the exclusive merchandise we are offering including the pre sales of our new record " Into The Light" Here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1265010790/the-independents-new-record-into-the-light

Independents New Record " Into The Light"

Please help spread the word! Thanks!!! Today is our 21st anniversary and we are celebrating by starting a Kickstarter Campaign for our new record, "Into The Light." All of you who know us know that we have always been and always will be a DIY band. What better way to help us celebrate 21 years than by supporting our Kickstarter campaign? Please check out the limited-edition merchandise being offered ONLY on this Kickstarter campaign alongside the pre-sale of our new record. Please SHARE this everyday and help us keep Willy B from working the streets!!!

Here we go! 20 days left..and the stress begins.


The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2013!

The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash **All proceeds from the show will benefit Joey's Lymphoma Foundation Sunday, May 19th 7pm Bowery Electric 327 Bowery New York, NY 10003

CJ Ramone , The Independents , Ingrid and the Defectors , Heap , George Tabb , Andy Shernoff , The Sic F*cks & Many More! Plus The Joey Ramone Tribute Band: -CJ Ramone -Mickey Leigh -Al Maddy -Walt from The Bullys -Jahn Xavier from The Nightcaps -Walter Lure from The Waldos

21+ Ticket Link - http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3539804

The Independents headlining Toronto Zombiw Walk 2013!

The OFFICIAL UNDEAD word is out!!!! The Independents are once again back from the grave and will be SEVERED HEAD~lining the 2013 Toronto Zombie Walk on October 26th!!!


Here are our January show dates!!

Please spread the word to all your fiends in these areas that we are on the way!! Lets kick 2013 off right!

Jan Fri 4) Guido's Speakeasy, Frederick, Maryland Sat 5) Giovanni's, Winchester, Virginia

Wed 9) Churchill's, Miami,FL Thur 10) Play By Play, Pompano Beach, FL Fri 11) 321 local, Cocoa,FL Sat 12) La La's Brew House, Largo,FL

Evil selling rare Independents Tour shirts on Ebay NOW!

Evil has 10 rare INDEPENDENTS TSHIRTS from my personal collection up for bid on Ebay. Seller: Blackhawkbooking.

Ramones,Cramps,Motorhead,MC5 fans+ Independents SC?NC shows

Dig yourself out of your graves and come party with us! March Fri 13) Spartanburg,SC Ground Zero w/ Peelander Z and The festered,The Fast Boys, Rictus Grim! Sat 14) Florence,SC the Spin ROCKFEST 09' Fri 20) Charlotte,NC Milest one w/ South Side Punx, Sick Sick Sick! Sat 21) Augusta,GA Sector 7g A new compilation album was released in South America by Music Brokers Argentina entitled “RAMONES THE FAMILY TREE”. The officially licensed CD was compiled by RAMONES fans, for RAMONES fans and includes rare cuts featuring the RAMONES themselves as well as those rooted in the band’s family tree. THE INDEPENDENTS (never released before) live version of “SLUG ” with JOEY RAMONE is included on disc 2 of the limited edition two disc set which includes extensive liner notes on all of the bands and the corresponding tracks. Here are just a few names of some of t he other artists who are included on this must have for any RAMONES fan. Lux Interior Lemmy Cherie Currie Wayne Kramer Die Hosen Toten The Rattlers Blackfire Youth Gone Mad Look for it wherever imports are sold. Gabba Gabba Hey!...