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"Storm Season" The Road To B.T.S November 26th 2013

here is episode #3 OF AP's journey. Join us as we prepare of the storm. #AP


#BTS November 26th 2013

plain and simple "ok"

I am coming out with a mixtape titled "Before The Storm" which will be avaliable to the world wide web for FREE on NOVEMBER 26TH 2013.

There will be a download link avaliable THE DAY OF the release What I ask from all of you is to simply...listen/download/comment whatever works for you... as long as you support!

Thank you all for being with me on this one #AP #BTS

here we go!!!

Sneaky Dee's Coming Up

Its back to school once again but the party continues. This msg is for those who want to come out October 10th to "Sneaky Dee's" located on College and Bathurst street in the great city of Toronto. The True After Party along with Fuego will be performing various tracks of the upcoming mixtape "Before The Storm" which is set to release in roughly two weeks time. The information is on the reverb nation site along with everything else you need to know about the #AP see you all soon and get ready for the storm.........#BTS

Tickets are 10 dollars and it is a 19+ event, doors open at 9pm

The Way She Is

I love how she works I love how she plays I love that she talks I love the way she moves I love the way she looks I love what she puts on I love what she takes off the point of my story is if your going to love a woman let her know that your going to do this #AP #BTS

The Takeover begins....

if you support The True After Party, hashtag #AP and #BTS for the mixtape "Before The Storm".....I can't wait to release my single off this mixtape! you are all in for a treat (one love) go and follow the man himself @TheyCallMePesos this is Fuego!!

The Takeover

Hey everyone! I will be releasing the single "Money Girl" off my upcoming mixtape "Before The Storm" on September 6th 2013. Check it out, download, support and follow me. The mixtape will be avaliable later this month so stay tunned and #AP