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how many fuzz heads left?

please if you see this leave a comment on our page very important !

old fuzz huzzi jams


looking for fans of the band

to help the nation get back to doing this full time get back into the trenches.please hit us up respect and love Fuzz heads for life

save the rock

Turning over a new leaf going to try and save the rock! I am getting organized and excited I hope a whole bunch of people get on board!

18 away from 1200 fans

one fan at a time

3951 plays

49 plays away from 4,000 49 plays away

exciting news for fuzz- huzzi to be annouced very soon!

Guess what it is?

3,867 plays

43 away from 3,900

150 plays away from

4,000 plays I would love to see this happen


I know we have more fans than that I know it please become a fan help spread the word love and respect