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A good start to 2010

This year has been great to me thus far. I'm almost finished with the new record, and we've finally been able to go out and do some shows as a full band. It's been a lot of fun to finally hear the songs live and fully-realized. I'm blessed to play with such a talented unit of guys who work hard to get the vision for each song to come to life.

New Songs

Finally came home from Italy, and I'm ready to start mixing some new songs. Send It Across: Call your therapist cause this era's pissed away from yourself you turn and the question is will you still be this dismissive as you burn I wanna see if you will with all your battles lost I wanna see if you will just send it across on the way to nothing he's always looking for something but where is the voice to call him back live your life like a wet dream shoot your load in the mainstream pointing your gun away from the attack i wanna see if you will with all your battles lost i wanna see if you will just send it across Embellism: She was so beautiful that my head exploded when I followed her up in the water my head exploded when I followed her up Leave Me Alone: One time my brother said that love's just a game of coincidence a consequence of man's positioning inside his time a shared experience a common incidence just leave me alone logic's a game we play beating the magic away just leave me alone down here it's christmas time and the lights are bright but it's freezing here all the meaning clear one by one it all goes out and the darkness comes and im on the run just leave me alone logic's a game we play beating the magic away just leave me alone I never wanted all these things to come to light in the middle of the night I never wanted all these things to come

Clarity Now Available on Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, and Amazon

Our first record, "Clarity," is now officially available for download online. We are still waiting for the iTunes store to process the record, but the other retailers have already gone live with the album.


I am excited that we've finally created a cohesive, realized collection of songs, and have the opportunity to post it for digital download. The songs on Clarity are ones that are very special to me because they really span the last couple of years, which have been crazy. This period of time in my life has brought me the greatest joy I've ever felt, and the most intense sadness and confusion. The most enduring element of the last two years is the amount of things I've learned about myself. I was the kid who stood on the sidelines and judged. I was the kid who thought he had it all figured out. I am thankful for these recent experiences that have made me realize just how many shortcomings I have, and how many people I've wronged without being aware of it. These songs are my quirky apologies to those people, even if they never hear them. Artistically, I've finally zoned in on being comfortable with what I do, and the identity that I can't hide in my music. In years past, I spent a lot of time assessing songs and extracting anything that I wasn't comfortable with , which ultimately led to creating output that was stifled and artificial. Becoming more at ease with who I am, as opposed to who I hoped I was, pushed me to a new spot with my music. It's unbelievable, and a little bit frightening, to realize just how many days you can live your life thinking that you're rock solid in the perception you have of yourself, when you really have no clue. I have always been one to boast pig-headed-ly about my convictions, and there has always been some poetically-just divine intervention to send me crashing back to reality. I am truly grateful for that. Sitting here on my 29th birthday, I am human. Satisfied with much. Dissatisfied with more. But this past year has undeniably been a step in a positive direction. I look forward to spending more time with the people in my life who have made me more appreciative of it. Thank you for the clarity. vance

The Shortcutter to Thinking

Here's to you You, whose ignorance serves as the blink that pulls away the dream from the stinging garbage of morning. You, who should only exist in the dusty remnants of insignificance as the solid pit in some latex womb, cast aside (like your skateboard revolution) into the vaccuum-abyss of refuse. You, with your forgettable, reactionary life You ARE the walking vaccuum-abyss of refuse A sperm and egg junkyard, the vacant, perfunctory echo of some begrudged snot-deposit, fired in a nuptial necessity, the projection of waste from some fly-by-night scum gun who didn't even find you fit to mold even into the shotty, hunched double of his morally crippled, inane image. Project it onto me, but don't write it down; it will take more than three letter words and a calculatedly sloppy hairdo. You, who can only muster the energy to consider doing chin-ups to the floor of the basement of the palace of the ghost of your ambition, desperately seeking to amplify your petty, recycled, so-called "persona" through the slug-filmed, impotent tube of your manufactured pride. You, sporting your fear goggles, toting your store-bought wit, you forgo the high road, destined to be one of countless stones in the vast graveyard for motivation. Here's to you, for taking the long road to a shortcut to thinking.