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We have finished our Mini-HAPPYEASTER-Music-Tour and came back with a suitcase full of new, awesome and crazy experiences! We had a great time and lot of fun with the other musicians and with the fantastic audience! We hope to be back on the road and on stage very soon!! Peace & Love Attack Karma


in a few hours we start our first "mini tour" through aschaffenburg, bonn and köln. people will hear our music live in special voice/guitar/percussion versions! be there if you can! we'll be surely!

MoRnInG sTaR

we have an new song on our page: "MoRnInG sTaR". has a retro sound as well, modern electronics and effects included. hope you like it!


ha, we did it and have the second song up: "CoSmIc RaYs". you can reach the space, my friend, becoming a ray! you'll be free!


it's overwhelming! so many plays in just a few days and so many likeable comments! we didn't expect it and want to say "thanks!" to everyone who wrote and listened! stay in contact, the next song is coming soon!

tHe LaSt DrOp Of WaTeR

posted our first song today. "the last drop of water". it's like a second or third birth doing that. all is new and fresh and the game begins. come together!