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Blind joke

Question: Why don't blind people jump out of airplanes? Answer: Because it scares the hell out of the seeing eye dog!

I'm thankfull for so much!

Music is created from the fabric of ones mind. Only a hand full of individuals can create a master piece from nothing... I'm grateful to actually have fans, That's cool... I'm also very grateful for my family and friends, With out you guys nothing would be worth while! I hope my instrumentals inspire others to pick up an instrument! Unfortunately the only thing that seems to hold me back is my terrible vocals, but I still record my vocals and mess ups on the guitar because it embarrasses me and it forces me to one up my self... Funny but true! I'm grateful for so much, Enjoy what you have while its there, Always look foreword to tomorrow and above all remember the ones that are no longer living and always give your respect for the veterans...

Quick fact

"Music is a gift and i don't intend on wasting it, and neither should anyone else!"