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Hello Fam,

Pls checkout new song by "LisaRenee" called "Is This Love Real" on www.Reverbantion.com/LisaRenee.... Please let us know what you think.. Leave a comment...

Peace, and many Blessings! LisaRenee

LisaRenee nwe song called "Got to Groove"

Hey Reverbnation fam,

Need your support! Posted a new song called "Got to Groove" Please take a listen and leave a comment, to let me know what you think? And I will do the same for you....

Peace, LisaRenee

LisaRenee featured on www.mypeacetv.com

Please check out "LisaRenee" song called "StandUp" on mypeacetv.com featured artist.. leave a comment! Also, please vote for "LisaRenee" StandUp" on www.KFChitmaker.com

Thanks for your support! Peace and blessings


Please check out "LisaRenee" featured artist

Hello everyone,

Please check out "LisaRenee" featured artist on the internet radio station www.WJAM1043.com with live interview and singing her song called "StandUp"

Thank you for all your support! Peace and many blessings!