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April showers.... And may flowerz

Hey fam, just wanted to give you a little update on what's been going on in my world. I've been writing and writing and playing any kind of gig/writer's round I can stumble upon. Recently I have been blessed with some great luck. Friends and fans who truly care about me and flat out LOVE my tunes. Tyler Bradley and Ana Liza Platt have joined the JG.i.Joes (thinking of a JG camp name ;) as well as a few other undisclosed folks. I've been on the hunt for a producer and will be working on a couple tunes with the Chastain-Lauver music factory ;). I think this will be a great mash-up. I'm really excited. I've submitted over 50 songs/ideas that I've written in the last year. I hope something super creative comes from this... I believe it will. Also, there still talks of touring in the UK by the time June rolls around. Look at the show schedule to see what's happening soon and thank you for your love and support.



Friends and Family...

Welcome to a beautiful new year. I was blessed with the opportunity to play in London, England for New Years Eve and it's only gotten better from there. Thank you for your undying support. My rock and roll couldn't live without you. I'm hoping all of you are seeing the beautiful things in life and are enjoying them whole heartedly. Thanks for the ride fam, let's keep cruisin'