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New Album from Blue Sky Mission Club "Middle of Everywhere"

After the release of Blue Sky Mission Club's debute CD in 2004, everyone knew that this band is infectiously funky! BSMC tackles zydeco inspired grooves throughout "Riding the Horizon". They have also endured a non stop way of life on the road and in the studio since releasing the debute album. Their next release, "Middle of Everywhere", is an uplifting ode to Zydeco music and thier ancient motto... "Practicing the age old tradition of playing music people want to dance to" Non the less, BSMC plans to take "Middle of Everywhere" one step further. This album introduces an element of slick infusions from many different styles of music. "Dance with me Sister” adds horns and a light jazz feel to Tommy Lee's lovely vocals. “Down and out” throbs like a swampy love song as she sings, “You may think I’m Dreaming/But I couldn’t love you any deeper than I do”. And run away tonight is a sweet march that stride into a pop-friendly feel.... Stay tuned for more info and possibly more new tracks to be released on ReverbNation.com