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Thankz for listening!

Thankz for checking out our music! Give us some FEED back and let us know what ya think!


The members of FEED are in talks of hooking back up together to record a new song! Dave Bell- percussion and Alan Bell-guitar are now playing with Rage From Grace. Brian Prow- bass, is currently persuing personal interests in song writing and music study. Brad Martin- vox is the front man for Gravy (Ash Grove Mo. based.) Though all the members of FEED have moved on to other projects, the what if remains. One more song? We'll see! ;)


I'm really blown away by all the likes and fans! I honestly didn't expect this much of a reception for a band from thirteen to fifteen years ago! Alan Bell has been pestering me to do this for some time, now, and I'm truly sorry that I put it off for so long. You guys simultaneously boost my ego and humble me!

-Brian Prow