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July in Manilla

Well, its now the end of July here in Manilla,Australia. We are looking to move to Gloucester ,New South Wales in 2017! Still having fun in the area and playing music at alot of events .

HAPPY NEW YEAR....2015!!!

Well, its finally here..and new year with new oppertunitys! The Tamworth Festival is only two weeks away! Also, going to change a bit of 'who I am'..with a new stage name...as...'Cabin Fever Willie'...should be alot of fun, hope it works!

Tamworth here we are!

Been in Tamworth now for about 6 months, all going well, enjoy the atmosphere and excitement generated by being in the MUSIC CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA....

May 12,2014

Things going well here in Manilla, its been a good time with my music as we are being asked to play at various events around the area. We are also involved in a new band created with a couple of friends from Manilla and we'll be playing together in the future, including next week ends fundraiser here in Manilla..band is called PLUMMET, as this is a para gliding hot spot in Australia.

Manilla is the PLACE!

WE are now located in the little town of Manilla,NSW.Au. and having a blast. Looks like we'll be staying here awhile...the music is going well.

Mothers Day Show a Success!

Was great to meet Phil and Dave and do a show with them, was well attended and was a pleasure to play for the people...can't wait til the next one!

Karuah Motor Yaught Club Party!

Had a great time playing for the Yaght Club in newby Karuah. Nearly 100 people in attendance and we played even after the show in a group sing a long, very fun. Made some new friends and I hope to go back in the near future! Thanks to Deanna for the invite.

Holmsville Talent Quest

Attented the Holmsville Talent Quest on Oct. 11, 09. The Hotel is a quaint little place that impressed me with its true country feel. Staff was very friendly which made me very comfortable to be there. Show started on time around 2pm with Carter Edwards of 2HD fame. Only 5 performers but we all had a great time. Unfortunately I did not make the cut as the show went to some younger talent. I did however recieve a free beer from the publican, whicn I bet no one else did! I plan on going back to the Hotel and show Jackie what a great place it is.

Great Results from Maitland Busking Festival

Thats right , we cleaned up at the festival by winning the Peoples Choice award and 2nd place in the Adult div.

The Lostock Music Festival Sept.12,2009

Well, we didn't get to play at this show, what a bummer, so we just camped out and listened to the others play. Craig Stewart opened up the show, but I didn't really get to hear him as I was talking with my great friends Bill n John. Next was Briza and the Bush rock bank, who did there usual job, then last was the band '24 hours' who did a great job with the rock and roll. We stayed the night, didn't really play much, just a little with Tom back at camp, left around 11am to come home. That was about it, probably won't be going back to Lostock, as we hate the road going in.