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New Guitarist, News and Band Historic

Hello everybody! It's been a while that we did not give news via our blog, so we thought it would be nice to write one to tell you what's happening on our side.

Since the release of our first album in February 2013, many things have happened. We did several shows across Quebec including openings for legendary bands like Nile, Dying Fetus and Loudblast. But we also met and played with several good local bands/musicians who all made us spent good times.

The line-up of the album continued to ravage scenes until January 2014. Jérôme Boucher, one of the oldest member and main songwriter, decided -for personal reasons- to leave the band after our show on January 17, 2014 in Quebec City. He left in good terms and he will always remain in the AR family.

Shortly after, Richard contacted Edouard Desaulniers, one of his good old friends, to offer him to become the new guitarist. Above all expectations, he accepted and officially entered the band in February 2014.

From there, AR began a good set of shows and entered in composition mode for the next album.

In November 2014, Edouard decided to leave the band to focus on his studies and for other personal reasons. Again, he left in very good terms and he remains a very good friend for all of us. His brief but enriching passage has enabled us to build strong new compositions, new ideas and have lots of fun!

For the second time in a short period, we find ourselves doing research to find a guitarist. As soon as November 6, we began to place ads and got the word out in the local scene. We did not know at this moment, but we were entering a long chapter of research ...

Despite our relentless efforts, the days, weeks and even months passed without we could find a guitarist capable of playing our partitions. Sometimes we thought we had found a good one but he wasn't living near the city or he was simply not available. As time progressed, we were still working on new songs but a question remained: were we going to find one someday? We knew we would find our guitarist one day, but where was he?

A guy remained in our mind and we really wanted him to be our next guitarist. By chance, we met often in bars and shows in the neighborhood and he had even made the sound of one of our show. We talked about it many times, and finally, after 10 months of intensive research and perseverance, we finally had hope...

After learning our partitions and jamming with us in early September 2015, Mathieu Pettigrew accept our offer and joins us !!! Finally, a new chapter begins for us.

We announced the arrival of Mathieu this week (27 September 2015) on our facebook page and we had a very good response from the Quebec metal community.

Active in the Quebec metal scene for many years, Math is bringing with him a whole lot of experience, talent and motivation. You certainly will not be disappointed!

These long months of waiting paid off because Math quickly learned several compositions and already launches in the process of creating the second album with us.

Ancestors Revenge is planning a massive return on stage in January 2016 with lots of new stock! Watch our facebook page in the coming weeks to find out more!

We would also like to take this moment to thank EVERYONE who support us and allow us to continue to share our passion!

To top it all, here's a short video of Math playing one of our new songs in the last few days. Enough to give you a taste of what's coming!


Cheers, and be sure to like our facebook page!


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''The Archaic Return'' New Album Coming Out On February 23rd 2013 !

We're proud to announce that Ancestors Revenge recorded his first full-length album this summer with Jef Fortin at the Badass Studio!

After almost 4 years of waiting, the time has finally arrived! We will officially launch our album ''The Archaic Return'' on February 23rd 2013 in Quebec City at the Scanner Bistro.

For now, we give you the seventh song from the album, called ''Conjunction Of Opposites''.

We also changed our logo. We now have a logo that better represents our musical style, our mentality and the atmosphere we want to create. More news to come ! Stay tuned !

2010 Metal Storm Awards!

Ancestors Revenge's nominated in the 2010 Metal Storm Awards for Clandestine Cut Of The Year! It's time to vote now!!! Spread the words!


Heretical Halitosis free download!

The song "Heretical Halitosis" from our EP's still available for free right there: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/ancestors-revenge-heretical-halitosis

Download and spread the words!!!


Salut la gang de pwels!

Ça fait un bout qu'on a pas fait d'update et on s'en excuse. Nous somme à la composition de nouveau materiel pour ainsi se préparer pour une pré-prod de l'album. Mais d'ici là, nous allons commencer la préprod d'une seule chanson et entrer en studio après les fêtes pour vous faire entendre une nouvelle chanson avec Richard au drum... Attachez votre tuque solidement ca garoche!

Nous allons refaire une nouvelle batch de merch sous peu aussi donc ceux qui veulent t-shirts, stickers, demo ou pins vous allez être servis bientot!

Aussi... Allez voter pour Ancestors Revenge pour les Metal Storm Awards 2010! Une inscription de 30 secondes et c'est tout! http://www.metalstorm.net/pub/article.php?article_id=832

Sur ce bon temps des fêtes et Stay Fucking BRUTAL!


Enregistrement et shows

Et oui, nous avons enfin enclanché le processus d'enregistrement de notre petit demo!

En fin de semaine passé Mario a enregistré ses tracks de drums sur 7 chansons et tout ca grâce à Benoît Fecteau de ABAG (myspace.com/approachedbyagod)!

Donc sous peu nous allons commencer les tracks de guitares!

Pour l'instant nous allons nous concentrer sur 3 chansons pour vous les sortir le plus vite que possible!!!

De plus, nous sommes maintenant prêt à monter sur stage donc n'hésitez pas à nous contacter au dekhruel@hotmail.com pour toute propositions.

Stay tuned gang de malade!

Pat Bass-AR