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The Boneyard Rattlers 2016

The Rattlers have appeared as 4 and 5 piece band in previous years. After much soul searching we came to the conclusion that our voice is best represented with a straightforward 3 piece approach. Not to say we won't have a special guest from time to time. What the past few years have taught us is the essence of the Boneyard Rattlers comes from 3 voices. The core of the band still remains with Stan "Stainless" Brown on Guitar and Banjo. Jeff "The Boom" Bruner on Bass, Banjo and Melodica,. Jerry "The Mad Fiddler" Turberville on Fiddle, as well as 5 and 8 string mandolin. Although we've had amazing success with playing a few covers our focus remains on original music. Stainless Brown's original songs are a mixture of grace and grit with a mindful perspective on our ever changing world. The new year brings the Rattlers back to the studio to work on their second offering. Besides Stan's great songs Jeff and Jerry will be contributing their own works as well. It's going to be a great year! Please join us for the journey!!

remix of Fallen Angel, Broken Man

We recently welcomed a 5th rattler to the boneyard- Jan Mendoza. Fallen Angel, Broken man was originally written to be a duet and now it is! have a listen please!!!

we're committed now!

The EP/CD is out, we're booking shows...I guess it time to see if "the proof is in the pudding!?!"

so come one, come all and rattle those bones!