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New Instagram account!

Feel free to check some cool photos from us on our brand new instagram profile!!! http://instagram.com/svetkantofficial/

Pinterest brand new profile!

Friends! we invite you to check our brand new Pinterest profile (already verified) http://www.pinterest.com/svetkantmusic/

Band definite line-up!

We are happy to announce the band has completed its definite line-up and we are ready to take over the world! The band is now: Santiago Kodela - vocals, guitar Liamroy - guitar, backing vocals Noface blackghostknifefishcreepshow - bass Romain West - drums

Loneliness OUT NOW!!!


As of August 1st, our debut album “Loneliness” is officially out.

This is an album made with the blood, sweat, sacrifice and tears of devoted and committed musicians; so we hope that you like it as much as we do.

This is the first step into our musical path, and hopefully we’ll be delivering more brutal, complex, experimental and awesome records in the future.

Remember to share this with as much people as possible, every little action helps us grow and improve; and this will be reflected in the quality of our music and sound.

Physical copy

To get your physical copy CLICK HERE and a CD will be shipped to you immediately with a tracking number for your reference.

Online copy

To download the album from any of the major online stores just click in the one that suits you best.


Google Play

Amazon MP3

Additionally, all songs have been uploaded (with lyrics) into our YouTube channel for your FREE delight, so we recommend you subscribe in order to be updated and enjoy the benefits of being part of our musical family.

NOW LETS GET THIS BALL ROLLING! and don’t forget to get your “LONELINESS” copy!

The SK team