From now on we won't follow, like or subscribe no one *by default* on twitter, facebook or youtube. If you follow, like or subscribe us we'll return the support, but we won't do it first. Also, don't send us links in private messages on twitter - we'll simply ignore them. And if we suspect that someone is trying to make us follow irrelevant links, like phishing or spam links, we'll probably unfollow, unlike, unsubscribe and maybe even report/block them without giving it too much thought. This is to somehow minimize the risk of receiving links/spam from ill-intentioned people who aren't even following us back.

Thanks for understanding.

Alert: Phishing on Twitter

Two users from RN sent me a private message via twitter with shortened links that have been reported as phishing scams and that, allegedly, are used to steal usernames and passwords. Be very careful when clicking on any link (especially shortened ones), and especially on private messages on twitter.

MikeWhitePresents collab

MikeWhitePresents joined Barbies Of Porn to produce this amazing track - Don't Want No Drama (Ken's On Da Camper Remix). A real powerhouse these kind friends from London! Cheers!

J.Christy & H.Mel

Hi. Christy and Mel - my collabs - will be off the web for a while on vacation. They'll be around, but off the web - it's for the better. Barbies of Porn is one of my musical projects and, since I don't want them mixed together, and also because I really hate my first name and my last name sounds like pineapple in Spanish, you can just call me Toni. Nice to meet ya.

Don't Want No Drama (Whispering Devils Mix)

This track is for all the inquiring minds out there! We've played "Don't Want No Drama" backwards and we could sware we have heard the devils voice in there! Or is it the wind whispering in your hear? - "What is it saying?" - "Don't know. Don't speak windish".

What's that?! Danish, German, Mandarin?! Psy-Trance? Just having fun!

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