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Morning Pages Keep Me Sane

It is official – I am the absolute worst blogger in the world. It has been about eleven months since I posted last!!!

Well, I may be a terrible blogger but I am a great “journaler.” In fact, the reason I’m writing this blog is because my daily journal was left at my parent’s house and it’s my second day without writing my daily pages. I’m about to go nuts!

Basically, every morning I sit down and write three pages in a journal. Sometimes I write about my music, others relationships. Sometimes it’s about politics, what I’m making for dinner, why the world is spinning ‘round. The point is – it doesn’t really matter…there is no agenda for WHAT to write, more importantly THAT I write.

Doing the morning pages has had such a great impact on my life over the last year that I would like to share with you why I think no matter what your line of work, you should considered writing morning pages.

Quiet – With endless to-do lists, new ideas popping into my head all of the time and everyday demands, I have never found myself with nothing to think about. Sometimes there is so much going on in my brain that I don’t even know what to start writing, so I start with gibberish. Eventually, seemingly miraculously, that gibberish will turn into something tangible for my brain to point to and say, “That’s what this chatter is all about.” Then, sort of like meditation, just recognizing what it is makes things much more still.

Gratitude – The second half of my journaling is, often times, like a prayer, thanking God for something (or sometimes asking God for something). It is hard for me to write very long without realizing something I’m grateful for. Many times it comes back to being thankful for this very day and having the opportunity to be alive this very moment.

Perspective – I suppose this it the point of the habitual writing for me: putting things into perspective, bringing things back to reality, instead of the flurry the mind has created out of, usually, nothing. With a fresh outlook every day, I’m ready to take the world on!

It took me getting to an unhealthy emotional state to finally start a daily journal. This is a part of my life now that makes an amazing difference on the day-to-day of being a musician. Heck, it makes a difference on being a wife, daughter, citizen, because it is about writing what is on my mind – not some pre-determined agenda. In the end, it gets out whatever is on my mind and makes space for creativity and makes me more productive.

I hope that with the new year on our heels you consider trying out the daily pages...it has to be easier then trying to add a workout routine for crying out loud!

Happy Writing! Emily