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Hero Hill Review Of "Now&Then"


March 1st! If we had a crazy snow/rain/hail/wind storm last night but today is fairly clear with actual “sun” up in the sky, do we consider March to have come in like a lamb or lion? Who cares really, this is Halifax, so the weather is going to suck for the next two months regardless. So how about something from somewhere where it’s way colder than here to make us feel better about ourselves?

Aries is a producer currently calling Regina, Saskatchewan home (-25 today anyone? Yikes), who has done production for a number of respected MC’s from the prairies to the West coast. Aries did some production for Brass Tackz’s EP The Outfit, which I was a big fan of, and so even though it’s taken me forever to get to it, I was interested to hear what he had to offer on an album of his production work that he released last year. Now And Then contains work Aries has done from 2007 until now, and features MC’s like Moka Only, Def3, Brass Tackz, and Jeff Spec amongst others.

Aries has Now & Then up on his Bandcamp site for five bucks, and when you consider that it is 21 songs strong, you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck. His production has a classic, boom-bap vibe to it, and he keeps things fairly straight-forward most of the time, but it’s of a very high standard I have to say. He manages to keep things sounding fresh across 21 songs, which isn’t easy, and he’s able to mix things up to fit the MC’s or the mood of the track (the creepy Find Out from Brass Tackz is still addictive, and the wistful beat on the tour-loving I Don’t Wanna Go Home from Def3 & Moka Only suits the track to a T).

So if you’re looking for a heaping helping of quality Canadian hip hop, Aries Now & Then could be right up your alley.

Urbnet Review of "Now&Then"!!!


Regina, Saskatchewan may not seem like a hotbed for hip hop to most, but Aries has been able to hustle his production from the Prairie town to a variety of emcees across Canada and into the U.S., showcasing these collaborations on his first production compilation. Aries begins with a number of previously released tracks and mixes in a bunch of new ones specifically recorded for this project, thus arriving at the title Now And Then. The highlights here are his two tracks from Brass Tackz’s debut album The Outfit, “Authentik” and “Find Out,” which were two of the best songs from that album, too. Aries also tries his hand at remixing their “October Skies” with the perfect blending of bump and creepiness. He sandwiches the remix between a quirky and chill introspective song for Moka Only (“Brere Rabbit”) and Jeff Spec’s jazzy boom bap ode to East Van (“East Van Damn”) that underscores the diversity of this compilation, although he does tend towards the smoother, more mellow end of things. However, he also retains a cohesive vibe thanks to multiple appearances from the likes of Moka, Emotionz, Selfhelp, Def 3, Fatty Down and more in various collaborating combinations. Plus he scores an appearance from Lord Zen R.eL.Z.M of Visionaries for a melancholy but positive “Son Shine.” Aside from the Brass Tackz tracks, other highlights include the two chilled out solo appearances from Vancouver battle rapper Emotionz (“Lose Your Mind” and “A Small Glimpse”), the better-late-than-never back and forth of nasal-voiced Langdon Auger and deep-voiced Ishkan (where has he been?) for “It Takes Time,” a reggae lite song from Culture Brown with “Rainfall” and the acoustically-driven closing instrumental “D.A.D (R.I.P).” Despite the uptempo tracks, Now And Then is best suited to a lazy Sunday afternoon, but more banging Brass Tackz tracks would be a good idea for the future. [Thomas Quinlan]

Aries "Now&Then" Full Album NOW AVAILABLE(Digital)

What's up everybody. My "Now&Then" Project is now available for download!! $15 bux gets you the whole 21 track album or you have the option to buy single's for $1.00 each...



The album features Aries on the beats, along with vocal appearance's by Zen (of the Visionaries/Writer's Block), Moka Only, Mos Eisely (of Sweatshop Union), Emotionz, Snak The Ripper, Young Sin, Evil Ebeneezer (Brass Tackz), Jeff Spec, Ishkan,Langdon Auger, Def-3, Self Help (of Bending Mouth),Forgetful Jones, Val Halla, Eekwol and More....

Get your copy now...

Cd's will be available in the next month or 2...and possibly a 7" vinyl with 4 tracks...

thanks for listening/supporting!


4 Songs Now added to the store!!

Whats up everybody...Just wanted to let you know ive decided to upload a few songs to the store on here for those of ya'll that have been asking..So there are 4 for now. I uploaded "Find Out" Feat Brass Tackz (cuts by Steps Nessesary), "Authentik" Feat Brass Tackz (Cuts By Steps Nessesary), "Brere Rabbit " feat Moka Only and another new song off my upcoming release that isn't on my reverb page tracklist Called "East Van Damn" Feat Jeff Spec....Download your copies NOW for a buck each! Once the album drops i will be uploading the whole thing track by track for people that want to purchase the individual single's...

Also Im still rarely new to reverbnation and i was trying to figure out how to add my track list to the store. I clicked on the "buy" button on all my tracks and it said it added each track to the store? WHen i veiw my store im only seeing the 4 that ive uploaded seperatly. Can someone let me know if you can infact purchase all of my songs that are posted on here. that would be great. sorry for my lack of reverb knowledge..im learning

Thanks for the support ya'll!! Ima keep making music as long as ya'll keep listening! Actually ima keep making music even if noone's listening! Cause music is life.! Life is music!




Yo!! Just a quick little note to any of ya'll that are checking out my profile. I'm not really about the spam stuff and promoting YOU on MY page!!That's what YOUR page is for!

If i listen to your music and feel that i want to leave you a comment i will. I'm a honest guy and have my own taste in music just like you..so basically what I'm saying is you don't need to drop me a line asking me to check you out. I usually check out everyone who becomes a fan of me, as well as search through different cities charts on the search for good music and new artist's.

The reasoning behind this note is lately a lot of people are commenting on my profile saying they like my flow and lyric's. None of the lyrics are mine!!I'm a producer/Beat Maker, AND ALL THE ARTIST'S NAMES ARE LISTED ON THE SONGS.Not to mention my background clearly states that I'M NOT A RAPPER. lol.

Anyway thanks to everyone that supports what i do and to those actually listening and commenting rather than spam commenting.

Respect ya'll.. A

Quotes to Live By

{Work Like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one's looking}

{If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world}

{Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success If you love what you are doing, You will be successful}

{Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time} Whats up friends?Family?Homie's?I don't usually write notes on here but i figured out how today...so here goes...!

Ive been through a lot of rough times through this life from losing my father to cancer to relationships gone wrong to not caring about myself at certain points. Ive been lucky enough to be able to keep a strong mind through it all and these quotes are all words to live by. They help me everyday to remember that i was put on this earth for a reason. And also keep me headed down the right path in life. I know we all have our issue's and that's just life, but next time someone leaves you, brakes your heart or someone close to you passes to the other side, remember that that's their path in life and there's nothing you can really do about it. You can only remain as the good person that YOU are. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel...hope ya'll are having a good new year...2009 is the time to shine!(and not just cause it rhymes.lol)

To all my friends struggling to get by with their music, art or life in general and to ANYONE going through a struggle i feel for you and just want to let you know things WiLL get better...And dreams do come true if you want it enough. Keep on keepin my friends...and ima do the same...

One love! Peace! Jon (a.k.a Aries)

Self Help "Old Friends" Eclaim! Review


Selfhelp Old Friends By Thomas Quinlan

It's been seven years since Selfhelp last released a project, his collaboration with Thesis Sahib as Bending Mouth, so it's not surprising that Old Friends, his solo debut, is a little overlong. It's also quite personal, with a couple of mentions of his son and a song about his girl, "Cuter Than Cute" — cute song, bad chorus. With his diary pulling double duty as his rhyme book, Old Friends can be a serious endeavour, touching on love, politics, aging, debt, art, Robotechnology and more. The brooding, melancholy beats that often accompany these songs add to the overall weight of the album, something that could have been solved with more fun interludes like hype party anthem "Drunk Last Night" or the Awol-assisted "Hot As Coffee." Still, the electro-influenced glitch-hop (mostly provided by Swiss producer Mattr) and quirky underground beats (provided by Timbuktu, Savilion, Aries and others) are intricate and creative, and Selfhelp keeps things interesting by flipping his styles, betraying his Project Blowed influences as he switches through his simpler, more straightforward flows to double-time raps to sing-song styles to actual singing. Old Friends might require close attention but the time and energy are worth it, just like the wait.

Brass Tackz- Hero Hill Review!!!


Quick Hitters:: Brass Tackz - The Outfit

Last week I mentioned that I had amassed a list of Canadian hip hop records that I'd been meaning to write about for a while now, and these dudes right here are #1 on that list. The dudes in question are the three hungry Vancouver MC's that comprise Brass Tackz: Snak The Ripper, Young Sin, and Evil Ebenezer. They released this EP to get some buzz going for a potential Brass Tackz full length, and after going back and listening to The Outfit a few times over the last couple days, I would welcome more material from the trio for sure.

I must confess that I'd seen these MC's names here and there on the ole internet box (and unless I'm mistaken, Evil was featured on the last Josh Martinez album), but I'd never heard anything from any of them. Well, there's a wrong I'm happy to have righted, and I'm not sure how close the 3 MC's were before doing this project, but they have plenty of chemistry. Snak The Ripper has a demonic high pitched flow which contrasts well with Young Sin's confident baritone, and Evil is somewhere in between the two, so the mix works well. As the cover might suggest (as well as the creepy guest vocal contributions from Edmonton's legendary Junkyard Dog) there are certainly some aggressive, Horror-core in the Gravediggaz sense, songs on the EP (October Skies, Moral Terror & Find Out), but they aren't afraid to also tackle something like an ode to their respective Moms' Mom Dukes.

Right from the jump you get a "little taste" of what Brass Tackz is all about on the smoothed-out, yet creepy opener October Skies, that features each MC spitting some dark, free-flowing, braggadocios rhymes over a piano-laced QB8 beat. Authentik sounds great - it features bubbly xylophone mixed with old-timey horns and some bumpin' drums provide the backdrop for the trio to rundown their hard-earned hip hop history. The somber-but-still-catchy Broken Promises is the kind of thing pretty much any Canadian rapper can relate too: struggling to continue making music when everyone close to you likely thinks your crazy. Also, the line "It's either broken promises or broken dreams, where I see a career you see hopeless schemes" would also work as the slogan for this here blog. The Aries-produced beat for Find Out mixes electronic bleeps with ominous backing sounds and an ominous & addictive chorus. I should also mention that video for this song was my intro to the group, I was intrigued by the quality of the song as well as the visuals - not many rap groups go with the "western hobo" theme for their videos. Perhaps they should. The heartfelt mom-ode Mom Dukes has a really banging guitar-laced beat that the guys seem to be feeling, as they all turn in pretty enthusiastic performances on the vocals and the chorus is a bit of an ear worm.

You can get yourself a copy of The Outfit gratis from Camobear Ditigal, so why wouldn't you? Solid Canadian hip hop for a price anyone can afford. Get on it.


The Quality Control project studio is located in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. It is owned and operated by Canadian producer/engineer Aries. For all inquiries hit ariesproductions@gmail.com

The Studio...

INSTRUMENTS: Tech1200's w/Vestex05proSL Mixer Mpc2000xl drum machine/sampler Yamaha Ypp15 pianoe Fender Acoustic Guitar Glokenspeil Steel Drum Djembe Shakers&other percussion toys digereedoo Arturia Analog Factory Moog Little Phatty

D.A.W/PC/Software/Plug-Ins: Mackie 'Big Knob' Studio Controller w/talkback Digidesigns Pro Tools LE w/ Digi 003 Rackmount DBX 386 Vacuum Tube Pre-amp Alto Acomp 18X24X32 bit Digital Compressor Module Intel core 2 duo 3.0ghz CPU (w/2 24" Lcd's) 4GB DDR 2 800MHz Ram 1333mhz Frontside bus Cool Edit2.0 Sony Soundforge 7 FL STUDIO 7 (producer edition) Sampletank XL Arturia JUPITER 8V Synth A.I.R VELVET (Rhodes&Wurlitzer)keys Novation X-Station Synth Waves Mercury Bundle Digidesigns Factory Bundle PSP Vintage Collection Arturia Analog Experience 2.0 Teac A-4300SX Reel to Reel Tape recorder

Reference Monitors: KrK 8's

MIC's: Akg 190es handheld Shure Sm57 Instrument Shure Sm58 handheld Akg C-214 Condenser (In Booth)

I encourage anyone that reads this to get in touch if you want to step up your studio game or learn how to set up and operate a home studio of your own. Ive been doing this stuff for a long time, started from scratch, learned a lot by doing hands on stuff and through trial and error. Not to mention learning from some really creative, professional, inspiring people along the journey as well(ya'll know who ya are!)......I'm still learning on a day to day basis, session after session...You never stop learning/creating with music cause every song is a new journey from rough recording through the mixing process..

So if you own Pro tools or FL Studio for example or have some type of recording equipment that doesn't seem to be working for you...OR you simply cant figure out how to use it properly to obtain the sound your looking for...drop a line..i'll see if i can help...

This is also open to any artist regardless of genre of music. I do a lot more music than just hip hop and love all types of music in general.

Happy Music making ya'll!

Hawler @me on here via PM or Call 306(541-WORD)(9673)

Serious inquiries only please....

You can check out some of my previous work at the following links.. http://www.soundcloud.com/aries-music http://www.myspace.com/ariesproductions http://www.myspace.com/ariesone http://www.soundclick.com/therealunclearies http://www.indabamusic.com/people/aries


Whats up guys and gals. Aries here with a quick update. The album is one song away from completion and I'm really happy about that. 3 years of work has went into it and I'm happy with how every song has turned out. I want to send a big thanks and shout out to all the artists that spent the time to do these songs for me and this project. It will be released in the next few months both digitally and hard copies. Im also looking into getting some vinyl pressed for a few of the tracks and ill keep you updated on that deal as it happens.

Other than that I've been busy recording lots and trying to get some new beats made. If your an artist looking for affordable beats your in the right place. Just drop me a line for a sampler of stuff i have available.

I don't blog much, so im about to sign off now..but check out the album previews and the other music on the page and drop a line regardless of if you like what you hear or not. Im always down for constructive critisim as it helps us all grow as artists.

respect ya'll, thanks for listening!!!you all are the reason i do this shit!!