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Mixing and Mastering Services

Certified Engineer with over a decade of experience working with all genres of music-

Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Metal, Electronic, Experimental, Folk, etc.

Providing quality Mixes for studio and home recordings and Mastering to breath extra life into your music.

We are seeking creative individuals looking to achieve the most from their recordings if this is you please contact us for details. We are offering rates to fit your budget all work is guaranteed.

MIXING- editing and compiling, reverb, compression, eq, composition, creative manipulation, anything called for towards creating atmosphere conducive to the emotion conveyed.

MASTERING- using mastering grade equipment to tastefully apply corrective and additive eq, parallel compression, and limiting to achieve balance and levels without sacrificing integrity ultimately giving the album a holistic feel.

All work is accomplished via ftp sites a very simple and efficient process. We work with home and studio recordings alike. Allow for us to focus on all of the technical aspects of mixing and mastering freeing you to focus on the creative side of making music. All of our work is guaranteed payments made only after you are satisfied with the results. No obligations. Contact us for a demo mix or master of one of your songs.

Rates are $25 per song per service all revisions included. We offer generous discounts for both Mixing and Mastering as well as full albums or multiple songs Feel free to inquire with any questions please include what kind of work you are looking for and how many songs so I may provide you with a quote.