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We're up and runnin'! Look forward to TrIpKiT performing out in September, with The Reset Method. Our friends, in the Method, are relocating their band to North Carolina, and are arranging a "Last Florida Gig," in early September. It'll be a great place to catch them, our debut, and several other great, Tama Bay Area bands, in one fell swoop.

Seven St.James, of Dirty Black Halo, has joined forces with us as drummer. He's got fantastic meter and beats those drums with knucklebusting madness!!! It's getting better every week...a true pro!!!

Indie Label Liquid X Records will support our live endeavors with international networking and distribution. We will be show-casing soon, dressed to the nines, with product in hand.

If you're a fan of the music, please let us know by giving us some feedback. It's your music as much as ours. We actually DO listen, to what you have to say :)

Much Love,

Jeff Hamilton