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Night 3 of Demo Streaming

Well, looks like Internal Eyes was a popular tune! Hope you got your fill of it. Tonight's tunes are What Was (the demo isn't 100% finished, Pat has a part that goes over the end section now) and Mothers Grace. 24 hours start now!

Night 2 of Demo Streaming

Hope you didn't miss last nights streaming event. Here are two more new songs....The Dweller and Internal Eyes. Listen and share as much as you want for the next 24 hours!

New Demos for 24 hours Night 1

Since we've got this show coming up at Capones this Saturday in Johnson City, we figured we'd try to entice you to come out by sharing some of the songs we've been writing and demoing. So for the next couple days, up until the show, we're going to post 2 new demos a day and let you stream them for 24 hours. Feel free of coarse to share them, and then come check out the show. Night 1 Demos are Sheepskin and Combust. Enjoy!

Writing Again

We've got a few shows under our belt, after just releasing our debut disc, and we've decided it's time to take a break from playing out and write the next disc/album. We've moving along at a great pace. We've got 4 worked up pretty solid, with 4 more already in the early demo stages. No rest for the wicked.

Recap of Capones, Saturday March 1st, 2014, Johnson City TN

Last night was a great show. Capones is a nice venue. We have to say a huge thank you to Alan Prince on the sound board. Awesome monitor mixes and front sound. The food was good, and the ambience is great as well. Just an all around good vibe and experience, very enjoyable. There were several people that drove an hour plus to hang out, you guys deserve a big thanks too.

We also got discs in. We will have them at shows, or you can get one from cdbaby. We are also now on iTunes, spotify, and a dozen other online spots. Just give us a search on your favorite streaming site and you will probably find us there.

Mikey is working out great. It is really cool to have this additional layer live in the room. Now its time to gear up for the Dax Riggs show. Super stoked about it. All kinds of good things happening for us as a band, its exciting.

General Update

Things are going good on the home front. Gearing up for 2 shows. First one is at the Hideaway on Feb 1st, and the other is a few doors down on March 1st at Capone's. Still working in Mikey on keys, loving the way it sounds. Also we've begun working on new material. Got two songs demo'd, and they're already pretty solid at practice. Got another 2 started as well. Can't wait for everyone to hear them.

On a side note, if you were one of the 20 people who picked up an early release of "It's Always Darkest", we'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


We're super stoked about adding Mike Stephenson to the band. Mike is playing keys and doing some backing vocals as well. After only 2 practices, we've got 5 songs pretty well nailed down, and we've played through about 7 or 8 songs total with Mike. We can't wait to share it all with you live.

November 16 Show, 2013

Thanks to all who came out. Hopefully we entertained some old friends, and maybe made some new friends. We had a blast. Thursday Evening Porch Choir had a stellar set. If you enjoy our music, pass us a long to someone else you think might enjoy us.