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A New Year! A New Beginning! A New Xaque CD!

A New Year! A New Beginning! A New Xaque CD!

So here we are about to start a the year, and we wish all Xaque fans the best 2009 with much health and happiness!

This is Xaques first Blog and we hope you will check back often to get updates as this is surely to be an incredible year creatively for this veteran luso-american band.

We star off by announcing that Xaque is about to go into the studio at the end of January to begin recording new material, and for those of us who have heard some of the new songs, we think that we are all in for a treat when the CD is complete sometime in the summer.

We have heard rumors that Xaque has been in talks with all of the original members from the Evolucao days, and apparently this new CD will have Burt Fernandes back in the lineup (where he belongs) on this CD. Unfortunately, there are also rumors that Tony Cirne may not be available to participate on this CD… we will keep you up-to-date as we learn more.

For now, stay tuned and keep checking back for updates on the band and the recordings.