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Someone asked: Are you a promoter or a booking agent?

I am a songwriter who upon following the advice of Craig Wiseman, formed a company to promote all the artists who sing demos for me. I had toyed with the idea a long time. Craig told me to go for it. This promotes the artists as well as my songs. Since I'm not the best performing singer this works well for me to get my songs "out there". I have a very tightly knit group of people. We are finding a way to beat the industry's game. We help each other out never charging for services. Many of my friends are yet to be featured on my music page, ReverbNation, or wishmakermusicblog.com. Soon to come will be a YouTube, and lot's of internet radio is in the works. I do local bookings only for my "clients" who have come as far as Nashville to perform in the legendary Muscle Shoals area.