Doug's Diary January

It's 6am, sitting up at a dumpy dorm room up in Madison. Looking on the horizon of finishing up school within days. And the one word that surges through my head is "grateful." Yet, my hopes of being able to do what I want to do for a living seems...a long ways off. The very reason I'm in school today, a back up plan. I keep thinking about the reason "why I'm grateful", with all the heartache the last few years has brought, especially 2010, broken would be the obvious and quite frankly the most predictable answer.

To answer that question, I thought I would talk about one of the songs on the new album... "Unwanted."

Unwanted happens to be one of the most popular songs on the record. So in turn I get mass critique, although it's funny, every time someone gives me their interpretation...they are only half right. The most common explanation is that it's a song about my life. True. That's part of it. What amazes me is how many people say they can relate to the words. Being or feeling "unwanted."

I don't know if you have been following along (or if anyone...

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Doug's Diary Febuary/March

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing some brilliant Christian artists at Elm Brook Church. Third Day, Tenth Avenue North and a brand new artist Trevor Morgan. The beautiful thing about it was the event was more then a concert...it became a night of inspiration to me as a Christian artist and encouragement as a follower of Jesus. I feel so blessed and thankful that I can even attend events like this.

As I looked around I saw the expressions on the thousands of people in attendance. A connection of love and grace while burdens were lifted. The wonderful thing about being in the audience is I could see these bands being used as living conduits of God's love...which got me thinking about a few things.

One, this is what we all are through Jesus. We are all living conduits of God's love...maybe not on a big level like these bands, but just as important to our Father in heaven. Everyone we meet, everyone we pass by we have the privilege to be HIS witness. Each one of us gets to witness HIS love though ourselves to others! That makes me think about how much God loves me, how much God loves all of us...

Two, we need to lift theses bands up! We need to keep them in our prayers daily. There is nothing on earth more powerful then the power of prayer. I'm positive their life is not an easy one. So I ask you to keep all our Christian artists in your prayers...and if your are not too exhausted from praying for all those bands, please, could I ask you to pray for Shea Hill?

Well the start of my "Songs and Stories" tour has officially started. We performed at Community United Methodist Church. A place where the people were so friendly, non-judgmental and very kingdom minded. CUMC is located in Waterford Wisconsin if you are by any chance looking for a warm environment to find a spiritual home.

The concert itself was a very diverse one. We had a band who does "Heavenly Metal" open the bill. Septuagint is a Christian Metal band from Delavan Wisconsin. For those who like metal with a positive message....check them out. The co-headliner Douglas Allen Richmond is a wonderful and unique Christian singer songwriter from Burlington Wisconsin...if you make a show on the "Songs and Stories" tour, you will see for yourself. Christian Kocinski, the director for the "Away, Away..." video filmed the entire performance so we are hoping to have some clips up soon!

In past diary pages I have talked many times about our album being a two way conversation between myself and God. The inspiration comes from David's conversation in Psalm 109, the album "The Elegy of Me" is a modern day version of that open and authentic dialogue. The album was written during some very hard times my wife and I were being burdened with. I believe there are so many broken people in this broken world...I wanted to write an album that addressed that. I wanted to do a concert that explained that. I wanted to write a diary page that discussed that.

Even as a believer I struggled with abandonment, pain, heartache and being completely broken to it's most volatile point. I am hoping those experiences that God pulled me though might give strength to others ...

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