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Saxophonist Jarez is no newcomer to the music scene, having released a couple of projects prior to this, his latest called On Top of the World, an album rich with presence and melody.Jarez

There is more to this 30-something young man than meets the eye. While his music is distinctly contemporary or smooth jazz with R&B influences, it is his mission that is most commendable. For example, he is pretty partial to incorporating the worlds of hip hop and jazz. Done before? Yes, but there is a uniqueness about the manner in which Jarez manages this. He targets young hip hop audiences and delivers his style of jazz to them as an introduction to the coolness of the genre. In fact, he is set to tour with hip hop rapper Coolio. I do like that approach.

This album is solidly packed with snappy, catchy hooks and melodies. In addition to a most appealing title track, he delivers on several other handsome originals, including the finger-poppin’ lead track “Can’t Let Go,” the slower get-in the-mood melodic charmer entitled “True Love,” and the equally ear-friendly “Feels So Right” with its polished horn arrangement.

As if his music were not reason enough to get into this artist, he also champions some great causes. For example, he’s served as a spokesperson for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change’s campaign (EJCC) which serves Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in an educational initiative regarding global warming.

His ability to expand his musical outreach to fans of all ages have included several appearances on “Cooking with Coolio” and ongoing management of various aspects of Coolio’s business operations…and he still finds time to produce such fine projects as his own latest release. Impressive? You bet.

All in all, On Top of the World is a wonderful endeavor worthy of much recognition. — Ronald Jackson