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Hi Tom, My boyfriend and I, along with a couple of friends, caught the show at Gordon Biersch on the 27th and simply put, we were blown away. We could not believe the song selections you guys were playing and the blend of various decades of music was fantastic. The Piranha Brothers Band is exactly the type of band we've been looking for. For us, as soon as we heard the first notes to 'Handle With Care', we knew that it was going to be a great musical experience. We can't think of any other band in Hawaii that can open with Traveling Wilburys and mix in Tom Petty with CCR, Kings of Leon, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, and KT Tunstall. Not only were things done well, they were done right. There was no 'ukulele vamping with the same played-out jawaiian reggae beat that has led to watered down covers of great music. What put us over the top was that you guys played for 2 hours straight before your first break! You guys are truly one of, if not, THE hardest working band in Hawaii. We also appreciated that you and Michael took the time to thank us for being there. Alas, our only regret was that we didn't inquire about a cd. We would like to purchase one to help support the band. Please let me know if that can be done through you directly or the best way for me to do so. Again, we cannot thank you enough for doing what you do and we look forward to seeing you guys perform again. Much Aloha & Mahalo, Eleanor Sholtis & John Foley

Piranha Brothers Band
Piranha Brothers Band  (about 5 years ago)

Hi Eleanor and John,
Michael Piranha here....I don't get to the comment page much, but saw this older blog today! I need to get out more often! Thank you for the kind words....great to read. We have 2 cds for sale live, and also able to download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Zuni, everywhere else. The older one is Silhouette Artist by Michael Piranha. The brand-new one is The Blinding Speed of Trust by The Piranha Brothers. Come see us live again and introduce yourselves to us! xo MP