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Two New Songs I'm working on

Hey guys I am currently working on two new songs called Please Tell Me and That's How We Rollin. And I'll give you more details on them later. So please stay tuned!

The Hood 2 Hood Mixtape Vol. 2

http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=628028 Please go to the website listed above to download a free digital copy of The Hood 2 Hood Mixtape Vol 2 and please contact me on facebook by sending me a message in order to get a physical copy of this mixtape. Also look up the name Paul Piper on facebook, and you'll see a picture of me standing next to Robbie Jones. Thanks!

Getting Rid of my videos on here

Hey guys. I'm about to delete all of my videos that I have on here right now, and I'm going to only post videos on here that focus on my music. So stay tuned!

The only song I'm leaving on here

Hey guys. The only song that I will be leaving up on here is the Southwest Reppin one, and that's because this song along with some other ones will be on my mixtape. So please stay tuned for more details and have a Happy 4th!

I'm working on my mixtape

Hey guys. I will be taking all of my songs off of here because I'm getting ready to post songs on here that are going to be on my first mixtape. Plus I want to make sure that everything is on point. So please stay tuned for more details. Thanks and God bless!

My Got All Night music video

Hey guys. My director told me a few days ago that he will email me my Got All Night music video this weekend. So I will either upload it on here Monday or Tuesday of next week. So stay tuned!

When I will post my music video

Hey guys. Something has come up, and so I won't be able to post my music video on here until next week. I also want to apologize to you because I know you guys are tired of waiting to see my music video, but I promise you guys that I will get my music video on here as soon as I can. So please stay tuned! Thanks and I hope you guys have a blessed night!

My Addiction

Hey guys. I am currently working on my next song called My Addiction, and it's about a guy who is addicted to the way his woman puts it on him sexually. And I'll let you know when I'm going to post this song on here. So please stay tuned!

When you guys will see my first music video

Wassup guys. I just found out that the editing of my first music video should be done by next week. So I should hopefully be able to show you guys my Got All Night video sometime next week. So please stay tuned!

My Make a Difference song

Hey guys. I wanted to ask you to please check out my Make a Difference song because it's the type of song that will uplift anybody who's going through some rough times. Thanks and that's it!